What is an Evil Eye and what are its remedies?

What is an Evil Eye and what are its remedies?

There are lots of people in the world who believe that they are suffering because of occult or black magic as it is commonly known. Most of it is discarded as mere tradition or stupid belief but evil eye and occult activities have nothing to do with belief. Lots of people suffer immensely because of reasons like tiredness, exhaustion, mental load, depressed, and some of them even spiral into depression. If you look at this from a spiritual perspective, these people’s energy is just dissipating. If you try to delve deeper, you will find out that some of these people’s energies have been manipulated by someone else and this is what we term as evil eye or occult or black magic.

What is an evil eye?

In India, the term evil eye is known as “Drishti”. In a Hindu household, when a child is born, he or she is not exposed much to the outside gazes. Now people are following this as a tradition and a parcel of ancient wisdom, but there is a science behind it. A newly born child’s energy is open and can easily be interfered with if someone starts to stare at him or her with malice or with jealousy, etc. The child will suddenly seem to grow a fever all of a sudden and it is just unbelievable.

Effects of Evil Eye

When an evil eye is cast on someone, then the person suddenly becomes available to misfortune, agony, injuries, accidents, etc. The evil eye could be called black magic or just understand as an occult. The most susceptible group of people to the evil eye are pregnant women, menstruating women, younger kids, etc. When someone has been impacted by the evil eye, they grow impulsive and have involuntary reactions. They suddenly become depressed, hopeless, dejected, and even emotionally dead to the person they loved. The evil eye could be termed as a psychic attack that is done through negative beings. Once an evil eye or magic (black) has been cast intentionally on someone, then it will turn into a vicious vortex and will invite more negative entities to enter that person’s body.

In Indian culture, it has always been advised not to dine with your enemy and always to eat while sitting. But now people eat standing in marriages, in ceremonies, etc. When a person eats, his or her mouth has to open. That is the most vulnerable position for someone to cast an evil eye. Even if the other person doesn’t know about the occult, his or her one bad intention and thought towards the other person eating will not do well for the latter. The impact of the evil eye is such that in a Slavic folktale, there’s a story where a father afflicted with evil blinded himself to prevent himself from injuring his children.


Now, every culture in the world has a system of removing the evil eye. It could be through remedies or could be understood as a shielding mechanism. A remedy is a remedy. It could be astrological or of whatever nature. In the ancient world, every household has a witch doctor or a shaman to whom every villager used to report whenever someone experienced any kind of imbalance within their system. Now, to further enhance our knowledge of the evil eye or occult, you must know that it is certain energy manipulation that is done to create an imbalance within a human body. These negative or evil entities enter the human system by creating cracks or chhidra into the human’s energy body to exploit the latter. The remedies for the evil eye and occult vary from case to case. Some evil eye situations are very powerful and some are not so. Lemon is one such item though which energy passes easily. Salt is another. When the evil eye is done by someone to someone, you will usually see the use of lemons or chilies. If you feel you are experiencing the effects of the evil eye, you should consult a shaman you know of or by talking to other people who have been in similar situations before. If these are not attended to on time, these evil eye situations grow more and more.

The remedies for the evil eye also include consumption of decoctions, reading of sacred texts and mantras to ward off such energy from the body, or wearing sacred amulets or charms. But the most effective way is to do one’s sadhana or spiritual practice every day without fail.

Astrological placements


Astrologically speaking if someone’s horoscope has Ketu’s involvement with the Ascendant lord or sign, such a person is an ideal host for these evil spirits. The evil eye also seems to affect persons a lot more whose birth moon is placed in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house.