­What importance does KETU takes place in Vedic Astrology

­What importance does KETU takes place in Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology has been here and around ever since this society came into existence. The destiny of a newborn depends sheer upon the various planets in Vedic astrology. There are 9 planets that get assessed as per the various doctrines of Vedic astrology. This is a literal sense deciphers the destiny of a person who steps foot into this big universe. All these major 9 planets possess their unique characteristics and mere importance. However, things are a little difficult when it comes to Ketu. It is one of the rare possessions in the world of astrology and what makes it stand completely apart from other planets will leave you into a tizzy. Ketu which most people are unaware of is the Moon’s South Node or Dragon’s Tail. Ketu has been widely known for its hard-hitting results.


It is the story where the Gods and demons took a veil decision in order to stir the Celestial Ocean and dwell themselves into one mere quest to rift all the promising things that ooze out amid themselves. However, one of their chief focus was to stem “Nectar of Immortality”.

The story unfolds when the Nectar makes its a surprising entry. Then, a major conflict sparks sandwiched between Gods and the demons in order to get a hold of Nectar first, to dwindle their thirst by drinking it. As the conclusion neared, Lord Vishnu turned himself into the bewildering young girl “Mohini” and bid to hand out the Nectar in equal parts to both the concerned parties.

Both the Gods as well as the Demons made came to terms with it and took seats in two neat and tidy lines facing against one another until their turn arrives. But out of all, it was the witty Lord Vishnu who grew aware of the demon’s forthcoming immortality would likely become the major reason behind the havoc going around all over the world (the supposed which did not happen, because Lord Vishnu did something greater in his power in order to prevent this impending disaster before it arrives). Thus, Lord Vishnu quickly, without a though took a form of dazzling Mohini, with the channel of his grand powers. He vigorously swapped the Nectar’s pot with a pot of liquid which was next to ordinary, while he was in the process of serving the bold and loud demons. Lord Vishnu resumed the Nectar’s pot as soon as his turn arrived to feed the Gods.


So much exchanged between the Lord Vishnu, powerful Gods and the demons. The end result was simple and unbelievable. It was demon’s head which was cut into pieces by the great Lord Vishnu in his usual form, original and bold! It was when the demon spun into two immortal beings. Since, he already had sipped the Nectar. His headless body deemed as Ketu whereas his one head as Rahu.  This is the reason why Ketu and Rahu has been considered the foes of sun and the moon. Of course, there are major negative impacts that both Ketu and Rahu leaves in the world of horoscope. 


Ketu after all the history known about it is there only mystical planet. The vedic astrology takes a heed of Ketu and explains why it is majorly known as naturally malefic characteristics can effect negatively on a native. It emphasises upon being an ultimate liberation above all.

Ketu usually symbolizes the mere detachment from the exteriors of the world. It is deeply rooted towards the path of spirituality and levels the aura upon occult sciences. Ketu plays an important role in the areas of marriage as well as career, facing mere dissatisfaction and hence, the emphasis. It is important that we know all about Ketu as it can be the rising point in your failed marriage. Ketu draws associations entailing to after life experiences as well as out of bodily experiences. Ketu is said to take evolvement of exactly 18 months in order to make its wild transit through zodiac belt, the sign could be any. Ketu is 180 degrees diagonal against Rahu.