What happens when you pull a Devil’s Card in your Tarot Reading?

There are several aspects that one can predict their future or probably get some insight into their present situations. Speaking of insight, the tradition of tarot readings which has been taken up by several elderly and even the youth nowadays is actually gaining a lot of popularity due to the wonder of their cards and the charm of their readings. So, as for this article let us examine what does the Devil card signifies in terms of the reversed as well as upright tarot readings. 

Since the Devil card is known to be a part of the major arcana cards, so one must first and foremost have some information about the actual significance and importance of major arcane cards. As we all know that there are seventy-eight cards in the deck of tarot cards and these seventy-eight cards are then further divided into minor and major arcane cards. 

Speaking of the major arcana cards, they are twenty-two in number and they majorly tend to formulate information about the bigger picture in your life. Dealing with the day-to-day matters and predictions is the role played by minor arcana cards. So, all in the devil card sure does signify something huge, let us have a look at what this card emphasizes through the aspects of love, and career.



Speaking of the reversed readings if this card appears keeping in mind your love life, well then this is probably a piece of good news as it basically suggests the departure of some negative force from your life. 

It says that. if youre in a toxic relationship, the kind where youre not able to express your true self or the kind where your partner is all extremely domineering and controlling. So, this card can be taken as a signal for you to break free from the bonds of such a co-dependent and toxic bond. Just appreciate your inner self and treat yourself the best. 


Speaking of the upright readings, let us tell you that this card, The devil basically states some kind of selfish desire or some immense towards something or someone probably. Hookups and usual flings might be your thing, but just make sure that you dont force anyone else to get on board with this lifestyle of yours. 

There sure is nothing wrong with having a little fun, but not at the cost of hurting someone. So, all in all, this card might signify some sort of addiction that can over time be destructive and harmful. 



This card in terms of career and that too in the case of reversed readings tends to signify a certain sense of change and maturity that might hit you quite soon. It might be something that youre about to amend, some previous issues that you wish to resolve, or some steps that you wish to take in order to avoid future troubles.

There is also a chance that you will get out of that co-dependent scenario and look out for yourself. You are also likely to take steps towards mending your relationship with some colleagues or other workmates. A sense of stability, balance, and understanding is what might occur to you quite soon, so all in all this card sure is an optimistic change for you in terms of your professional status. 


Well, this might signify a lethargic and fed-up kind of scenario, and this is because of the fact that you are likely to behave like youre stuck somewhere. You are likely to be working for someone you really dont want to but there is no choice, but to continue. But then again, this is you who thinks that there are no choices, you need to hold up and look around you. 

There are several opportunities waiting there for you, but youre busy victimizing your condition and your situation. You may feel dependent on this job and you are also not likely to make any such changes that might initiate self-happiness. So, all in youre probably in some sort of helpless state that needs to be sorted before it is too late. 

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