What happens when Libra Woman is hurt?

What happens when Libra Woman is hurt?

The Libra Woman Traits

Very much like the zodiac Libra itself and the goddess Venus herself, the Libra woman is a balanced and a just lady. She is the woman who knows how the game of discernment works. She knows what is wrong and what is correct by and large. Therefore there are more obvious states for a Libra woman than anybody else because one might pretty well predict what is it that hurts the Libra woman the most. She is charming, charismatic, and a very non-volatile lady. She does not let things slip out of her hands for the sake of making it even.

A Libra woman is sociable, therefore there are possibilities that she meets so many kinds of people and there might be so many traits in people that might hurt her or annoy her to death. She has a friendly demeanor for the most part; she tries to be, to her utmost limits. She has a natural flair at making conversations. She is very open and very frank with certain things and would want to live in a sphere as long as it does not hurt her or annoy her. She is a cheerful and playful girl.

Circumstances -  Analyze the situation, when a libra woman is hurt?

Well, a Libra woman is the one who would not take being dumbed (not dumped) by other people, and therefore she gets a lot of hurt in this arena. She has her ways of treating and dealing with criticism and puts to a fact check that there might not be anything that does put her to get annoyed or get hurt, mark that there are no definite things that might hurt this heck of a stable and balanced lady. She is the winning stroke of arguments. Here are some things that might annoy her.

Unjust Situation, People and Statements

This is something that hurts her to the core. Someplace where she could have had her win, her undue promotion at work, some disloyal branding against her is definitely going to hurt her and put her off. All the time she thinks of being in the best demeanor to people and therefore she might not expect this very easily out of people. She wants her share.


Well, the Libra woman is great at arguments, and debates, till there is some logic in it. But some erroneous situations hurt the Libra woman. She does not want to compromise worth her peace of mind at any cost, as she had given up to gain that. Therefore putting up some very useless, out of the blue arguments might put her off and get her on her nerves.

Selfish and ulterior motives

Selfishness, self-centeredness, and some real ulterior motives might actually hurt the Libra woman. She is ruled by the Venus, the goddess of love, and therefore all a Libra woman ever does is to spread doses of happiness and care and nurture. Therefore when when a libra woman is hurt, she encounters someone who tries to get their work done in the first place, she gets upset and annoyed. She tries to take care of everyone and expects the same.


She is so against conceit. The type of just, fair, and balanced woman she is; any form of deceit might upset and hurt a Libra woman out of the blue. She maintains an atmosphere where there are the prevailing goodness and fairness, so she gets really hurt if some tries to do away with that.

Lack of Novelty

Well, this does not seem much of a reason but stay with a Libra woman and she will tell you how much it hurts her to not move on. She is the woman who needs freshness in things and therefore is always ever-expanding and growing. So she expects the same of everyone. When she does not get these, she really gets pisssed of, and annoyed and might actually get hurt for the lack of vicinity awareness.

What happens when a Libra woman is hurt?

when a Libra woman is hurt a lot, there will be so much of constant events, evidence and gestures that will point out that a Libra woman is so hurt about certain things.

She will get upfront

When a libra woman is hurt, she might get very straight forward to you, to the point that she is brutally honest and real. She will tell what is wrong and what needs to be changed on the face. This just looks like she does not care for anything else rather than being apologized.

She will give the cold shoulder treatment

The cold shoulder treatment is a more obvious thing that getting brutally honest. She might act and show that she is truly listening, but she might not be, after all, she is a hurt. A Libra woman’s ignorance is so painful, it hurts to the core; therefore this is another easy sign that she is hurting and is annoyed about something.

She takes her revenge

How long do you think a Libra woman is going to stay hurt and annoyed? She needs to get herself worth straight back and she will take her revenge as the last resort. She will make sure to let others feel the same amount of hurt and humiliation that she has actually gone through. This may not be the moral grounds for a Libra woman, but when she is hurt, it does give the world more of an edge than anything else.

What to do when a Libra Women gets hurt?

Give her space

Always works. Some privacy, some space to think upon, ponder upon things while you prepare her breakfast seems pretty cool.

Always be honest

Try to show the same amount of integrity that the Libra woman shows before she is hurt. Be honest, own up if you are wrong.

Respect the situation

Such situations need a lot of care and respect. Show her that you actually care that she is hurt.

Compromise, when a libra woman is hurt!

Well, she puts everything on stake when she comes to be in terms of someone’s emotions. It is now your part that you actually do some compromises on your part.