What each zodiac sign wants in their relationship

What each zodiac sign wants in their relationship

Loving someone and being loved is an innate need of all human beings. But that doesn’t mean that each human being expresses their love in the same way. It also doesn’t mean that they want to be loved in the same way. After all, every one of us has a different love sign, right? But lucky for us, we can use the zodiac signs to decipher what way a person wants to be loved. 

The Earth signs


They are reputed for being practical and logical and are less into flirting and the cheesy behaviours. This sign is the most sensual sign one and they appreciate when their partner has control over themselves. They just want someone to appreciate them for who they are and show just as much attachment as they do. 


They are all about going the extra mile so that their partner feels comfortable and at ease. They want to feel appreciated for all that they do for others. They also love it when their partner helps them with their life and work without being asked to. They want someone who not only accepts but also enjoy all their little quirks and help them with their major trust issues. 


This sign weighs heavily on security. They are not those who like to take the important decision out of impulse and those who jump into relations. When a person or a relationship matters to them, they like taking things slow. They like knowing everything about a person before committing completely. But once they are all in, they are ALL in. They want someone reliable and try the best to meet them at their level.

The fire signs


They love and value spontaneity in a relationship more than anything. They want to be surprised with date nights, short adventures, and vacations that leave them thrilled. But along with spontaneity, they also look for stability and someone who’d stay even when their harsh and straightforward side takes control. They are instantly turned on when their partner lets their competitive side forward instead of their emotions.


They are the extravagant sign. They love both small and big gestures. But what they love is gestures that prove that other person listened to them. They want their partner to be as or almost as obsessed with them as they are. They love nothing more than constant reminders from their partner that they are the best thing to happen to them.


This fire sign is all about adventure. They love it when their partners take them on a small but adventurous date. They seek a partner who can keep up with their energy and optimism and doesn’t dull their sign.

The Air signs


They have a tight lifestyle, full of rigid and strict schedules. In a relationship, they want their partner to understand their lifestyle and try to adjust with it as best as possible. They want a partner who lets their intellect be the most attractive aspect of themselves. They feel loved when they are heard. 


This sign loves spending time with their partner. They feel valued and loved when their partner takes out time even from their busy schedules to spend time with them. They don’t particularly need big gestures or even fine dining. They are completely pleased by simply getting to stay with their partner. They feel loved when your partner focuses on your personal needs and wants without you even pointing at them and asking for them.


They value friendship in any relationship. They want their partner to be their best friend before they become anything more. They value intimacy and deep conversations. They want their partner to go the unconventional and untraditional way with them in pursuit of love. 

The water signs


They want their partner to completely let them in. They feel like they are wanted when their partner completely unveils their emotions and lets them in their vulnerable zone.


This creative sign loves to get closer to their partner. They want to have late-night conversations about philosophical ideas with their partner. They want to experience freedom and acceptance in a relationship more than anything.


They want their partner to respect their boundaries while also trying to take time to peel the many protective layers they have around them. They expect their partner to be patient and willing to take things slow.