What does your zodiac sign say about your drinking habit?

What does your zodiac sign say about your drinking habit?

Everyone likes to get tipsy once in a while. Drinking alcohol is not a bad thing but keeping the drinking in moderation sometimes becomes difficult for people. They end up getting sick very often and develop a weak immunity system. Have you ever wondered what are the tendencies that rule all the zodiac signs and predispose them towards drinking? All the zodiacs need to keep their drinking habits in moderation. No matter if you are a fire sign, or an air sign or water, or even Earth, the consumption of alcohol leaves a detrimental and long-lasting effect on your body which takes time to vanish. The houses which indicate habits which are detrimental to one’s physical, mental, psychological and spiritual well-being are sixth, eighth and twelfth house in Astrology. You may have a friend who loves drinking hard whenever he or she gets the chance. Whatever their zodiac sign may be, you must have observed their behavior turning as soon as the liquor hits their throat. Read about the drinking habits of the zodiacs about these houses down below. 

The Aries starts drinking when he or she does not get…

an outlet to express themselves, often in secrecy. Aries is a fire sign which is already passionate about things it decides itself to get involved in. The sixth house for Aries is in Virgo, the eighth in Scorpio and the twelfth is Pisces. The rest of the two water signs can push Aries off the edge and act as a catalyst for Aries to drink in times of crisis.

Venus rules Taurus and Taurus loves to…

 indulge in extravagant things and activities. These indulgences can also be seen in the consumption of alcohol. Gifted with considerably strong stamina, Taurus can handle drinking alcohol but their sensual nature disposes them to develop a drinking habit. To avoid it, do not approach things in excess. 

The airy Gemini doesn’t mind…

 having a drink or two! When they drink, they become chattier and more sociable than ever before. Geminis do not drink out of sadness or misery. They are likely to drink when there’s a moment to celebrate with others. However long binge sessions even on celebratory occasions must be avoided to keep sane health and mind. 

Drinking becomes an outlet for Cancer…

to un-feel all the things that made them feel miserable and sad.  Cancer being the first water sign in the ascendancy of the zodiacs is a susceptible target that can attach itself to drinking. Do not bottle up frustration and resentment inside of you, Cancer, as your hand then can only swing on the bottle to let them go. 

Leo as people might think does not thrive on drinking.

Leos are very disciplined when it comes to drinking. They do not need a drink if it is not required. They like to go by the social code and keep moderation in check. They always like to have an upper hand. 

Virgos according to Astrology is not too exposed to drinking habits.

Virgos have a good grip on their sense of food and health. But once in a while they can drink but not too often. They love their daily routine too much to disrupt it with a drunken stupor they won’t even remember tomorrow. 

Libra sputter out…

 their feelings very fast when drinking. They are in control most of the time of their emotions but the alcohol pushes them to come out sporadically. Avoid going near to a Libra when they’re drunk as they will be very different than they are normally are when they drink. They become very emotional in regards to their family. 

Scorpio is one such sign that is very intense by its nature.

The highs and lows of their nature are not too well balanced by a Scorpio. If they get addicted to alcohol, they will remain addicted to it for a long while. These addictions must not be developed if you want a long life in terms of health, Scorpio.

Sagittarius is likewise an old man when it comes to matters like drinking.

They are in sync with their body and mind but if the influence of Jupiter is too high, Sag, you should avoid drinking too much. You can even develop ulcers or stones in your liver as a result of excessive drinking. 

Capricorns tend to drink only when sad times strike them.

They’re generally responsible by nature but that doesn’t leave them unsusceptible to the dangers of drinking. Capricorns do all this in secrecy as they like to maintain a good social image of themselves. 

Contrary to popular opinion, Aquarius are emotional people.

Their emotions affect their health significantly however you’ve got good control over the flock of people who surrounds you. If your friends drink, you will drink too. If they don’t, you will be safe from the dangers of drinking. 

Pisces being a water sign is susceptible to drinking.

Hard to get the grasp of their reality, Pisces if they do not maintain a watchful vigilance can drown into the depths of drinking from where it is hard to come out. Please take care and avoid alcohol. 

Do not forget that drinking alcohol has hazardous consequences on one’s mind and health. Take care of yourself and drink if you like but only in moderation. Moderation is the key to a good and a long life ahead.