What Does Your April 2021 Tarotscopes Reveal about the future?

What Does Your April 2021 Tarotscopes Reveal about the future?

With the onset of the new month, it was time for us to get our deck of Tarot Cards out to get better insights into the future. The theme for this month is self-acceptance and harmony towards others. It will be a great time for the pacifists as the people around them will focus on rekindling lost happiness and forgetting past diatribes.

April also welcomes Taurus as her main constellation. With this earth sign being in power, April might chain her cosmic energy towards welcoming Persephone. Goddess Persephone is worshipped for spring growth but she is also the wife of Hades, the lord of death. Persephone could have different inclinations towards all zodiac signs. She might shower her love to some or could be the bane is the existence for some.

Let’s see how April will affect your Zodiac Sign with the Tarot Card Drawn for you.

Card for Aries- Ace of coins

To gain some, you got to lose some. That is the gospel truth of the world. For Aries, the bigger their sacrifice is, the larger gain they can get out of it. You will need to work harder towards your goals. The coins are often associated with earth and an earth sign in rule, for the second half of the month could do wonders for you. Work with all you have in the first half and onset of Taurus could bring you sweet release.

Card for Taurus- The Magician

The motto of Taurus this month should be “Be Blunt, Be Bold”. If you have a plan in your mind, don’t shy from executing it. You may feel yourself to be on the anxious side of the spectrum, but the magician will help you get all the resources you need to succeed. Take a break when needed. This month could get you some solo projects, don’t be afraid of walking alone.

Card for Gemini- 2 of Cups

You are bottling up your emotions, the thoughts want to break free but you are not allowing them to.  It may seem to people that you are not doing anything, but the truth is your mind is wandering places. Try focusing on a point and sort out your issues from there. Two of the cups say that there is a possibility of having an important conversation with someone at the end of the month. Stop running away, it will only make you weary.

Card for Cancer- Page of Swords

This month, your impulses will guide you. Try keeping a check on what you speak and the way you act. Don’t run after silver and miss out on gold. Page of swords wants you to organize your thoughts and stop picking the first option you see. The end of the month could be problematic for your health so watch out.

Card for Leo- Queen of Wands

You may feel like the phase you were going through is now complete.  This month may come with some alone time, try using this time for introspection. This could be a great time for you to develop a new hobby. Enjoy the peace and solitude life has to offer. The queen is independent is often lonely. Do not let the loneliness make you sad, cherish this time for yourself.

Card for Virgo- The Knight of Cups

This month demands patience from you. As people say, all good things need time. Cherish the little moments in life, they are often very rewarding. Take a moment to focus on the morning sunlight and the smell of fresh flowers. The knight of Cups is a very romantic spirit. Keep your heart open for good experiences. Practice self-love. Listen to what others have to say, often it tells a lot about the person. The cards tell that end of the month could be good for your love life.

Card for Libra- 3 of Swords

You may feel like you are a fly stuck in a spider’s web with no place to go. It may be a time for you with deep emotional turmoil. Perhaps the words are acting like knives leaving scars. You need to let things go. Keeping the negativity close to you will not help you. It may seem tough but try forgetting about the past and look at the brighter end of the tunnel.

Card for Scorpio- Ace of Swords

The net of problems will resolve for you this month. Keep a check on your close ones, someone might do more harm than good. Keep evaluating where you stand and what your next action might be. Do not reveal your plans to people. You may feel sedated at times, overwhelmed by the other. Keep your head high and feet low, the judgment may feel clouded but think thoroughly before making a decision.

Card for Sagittarius- The World

You may be the king of the world this month but this comes with a catch. All the world asks in return to rule her is sometimes. You have big dreams this is the time they come true. All you need to do is work hard and strive harder. Keep frustration at an arm’s length. The major change is here for you, just wait and let things unfold themselves.

Card for Capricorn- 5 of Swords

This is just the start of your journey. This is not a time to pause, you need to walk faster aim higher. Calculate all your moves and the outcomes they might have. Take care of yourself, your mental health must be your priority. The 5 of swords says that you have the drive to win at all costs. Don’t let the cost be something you care deeply for.

Card for Aquarius- 3 of Wands

Sometimes destroying everything is necessary to create new energy. This month you could feel very lonely. You might see some changes in your life, these may affect your life in every way. It depends on how you perceive these changes to be. Consider solitude to be the ripening of your new plant. Wait for it to bear fruits. Some alone time could do wonders for your aura.

Card for Pisces- 9 of Coins

Stop searching for someone or something to complete you. You are complete just the way you are. You may be looking for love right now, but love comes to those who love themselves. You need to focus your energy on yourself. Try being your best friend this month. The end of this month could bring a piece of wonderful news for you.

 April is summer and this season is a happy time to be. Share your love with your family and friends. May the month be wonderful for you and you manifest a better life ahead.