What does your April 2021 Numerology Forecast Reveal?

What does your April 2021 Numerology Forecast Reveal?

Numerology is a divinatory art that goes hand in hand with Astrology. Though astrology is the more famed or known out of the two, in regards to the insights that these divinatory arts provide, both are equally remarkable!

While astrology deals with the position of the planets, moons, and the sun in order to give out insights to a person regarding their traits, and even their future, it is the numbers from which the meanings and interpretations are drawn in the case of Numerology.

How we are deeply connected to numbers

Though it seems a bit surprising to people that numbers that are something all humans are taught about in their lives can have such a deep connection to one’s life. Yes, the number really is something all humans deal with throughout their lives, from the moment they are born to the second they leave the earth, everyone is and always has been surrounded by numbers. People are even linked to numbers when it comes to their age, age is a defining characteristic of a human being. If you look at how deeply all of us are involved with numbers, and how without numbers even time would seem meaningless, all of this just indicates as to how deeply a human life is connected with numbers and thus we get an idea as to why numerology exists.

Having talked about how deeply all humans lives are connected with numbers, let us now move on to discuss more numerology in detail.

Numerology is what bridges the spiritual connection that exists between numbers and things that happen in and around an individual’s life. It is basically the divinatory art of studying as to how numbers can tell more about a human being and their traits, future, past, etc.

Calculating the Life Path Number of an Individual

Coming down to how Numerology works, it is said that when a child is born, the time and date of his or her birth, or the name that he or she is given, creates a mark on the cosmic timeline. Or rather it can be said that such an event had cosmic importance. That is the reason why divinatory arts like Astrology and Numerology use these events and their details as the basis of the insights they provide. Numerology too takes in these details, namely the date of birth of a person and their name in order to work properly. Though numerology is a bit simpler when compared to how astrology works, it is still advisable that you go to a qualified and reputed numerologist in order to be sure that the insights that you are given are true to numerology’s nature. Coming back to where we were, a person’s name and date of birth are to be converted to a life path number in numerology.

How the date of birth and name of a person is converted to a life path number is what we are going to tell you next. The individual dates, that is the date of the month, the month number, and the year number is firstly separated and then their individual digits are added. For example, if your date of birth is the 21st of April 1997, you are to separate the date, the month, and the year, and then add individual digits for each.

Here, 2+1=3 for date, 0+4=4 for month, 1+9+9+7=26 for year.

Now what numerology asks us to do, is to add the digits of any two-digit number present throughout the process.

Therefore for the year part, 2+6=8. Now what we need to do is add all the three numbers, we get 3+4+8=15. Now since it is a two-digit number again, we will add its digits again, 1+5=6.

Thus, for someone born on the 21st of April in the year 1997, their life path number is 6. What does 6 represent you may ask. Each number from 1 to 9 represents different and distinct characteristics. And each number acts just like someone’s horoscope in astrology. It can be used to tell a person’s traits and even future prospects.

While there are other methods of finding out the life path number of a person as well, this one that involves the use of date of birth is one of the most prominent ones if not the most. One can also find their life path number out from their names, yes it is possible.

Numerology is a divinatory art that has a lot of potentials when it comes to the ability to give people insights on how their life is going at the moment and what the future holds for them. Though one should always go to a reputed numerologist in order to be involved in this practice as false interpretations could get very misleading.