What does the new beginnings in tarot cards signify?

What does the new beginnings in tarot cards signify?

Every seeker is in the search for happiness and joy in their life. The seeker has to put in a lot of effort and hard work to attain success and fame. They need a new start of their living and the term new beginning in Tarot reading has different meanings.

The term new beginning can mean an end of something or change in their life suddenly or chosen decision that could turn their life upside down. The new beginning also indicates that there will be a change in the atmosphere and inner emotions. the start of a relationship where the seeker will find the one true love can also be the new beginning. 

Every Ace card in the Tarot deck indicates the beginning of something. It enlightens that life offers too many choices and it rests upon the seeker to make use of the opportunities to make life better. The new beginnings are meant to bring good news and bad news. It depends on the situation and the circumstances the seeker will take up the decision.

What are the Tarot cards that indicate new beginning?

Fool’s card:

The fool’s card in the Tarot deck indicates that the seeker is off to a fresh start in his life. something unexpected would happen and the seeker would set on w new journey that would change their life completely. This card highlights that the seeker has to be prepared to start a new page in their nook of life. Their beginning can either make them the king or the peasant. It clearly depends on how the seeker wants to start a new life.

The fool’s card states that the seeker can be a bit naïve and can easily be manipulated from their true direction. The seeker has to make sure they remain in the destined direction no matter what. Their optimism is the key factor that will lead them to their goals. They need to understand that their blind belief will only work to a certain extent and will not be enough to make a better living in the longer run.

Even though the Fool’s card states that the seeker may take a wrong turn, the seeker is in the favor of luck and their new change will definitely be rewarded with unexpected laurels in their life. The seeker needs to make sure they do enough research to make the right decisions and change their life. The new beginnings are meant to shine in the Fools’ card.

Death’s card:

Contradicting to the name of the tarot card, the Death card actually represents the end of something or a phase in the seeker’s life. the seeker will close a chapter to start a new one. The Death the card simply means that the seeker will have new beginning irrespective of good or bad, they will be able to close an old chapter.

The Death card indicates the end of a relationship or partnership between two people. It simply highlights that the seeker will be on his own in this new phase where they will have a stand on their own toes. They will end something old and start something new in their life.

The seeker will become more self -aware and responsible in this new phase of life where they are on their own. This card also states that the seeker will have to begin a new life with brand new decisions and close the past. The seeker will be able to move on and make better decisions in their life.

The Judgement card:

The judgment card represents a new phase of life. the card indicates that the seeker will begin a new phase in their life where they are awakened from their past mistakes and wrongdoings. The seeker is reborn with better emotions and enlightenment where they understand their flaws and accept themselves.

This card indicates that the seeker is going through a phase where they will make new decisions and beginning something new with better judgment skills and wisdom. The seeker will have better decision-making skills as they have attained the rebirth and renewal process to be a better person. The seeker would amend the old bonds and make new ones during this phase.

Ace of Swords card:

The Ace of swords indicates that the seeker will have a new beginning of life. the seeker will follow their heart and take a bold decision that will change their life completely. The seeker would get an opportunity of a lifetime where they would be able to kickstart a life from the start and recreate a new path ahead of them.

The Ace of swords also states that the seeker is in the phase where they would be making new bonds and new relationships. This will mark a new chapter in their life and make them go through a different time in their life. in terms of health and wealth, this card indicates a healthier life and a phase where the seeker starts making money. The seeker will attain a clear picture and clarity on what they want to do in life.

Ace of Wands card:

The Aces of Wands card is a minor card but it indicates the new beginnings the seeker would face in their life. the seeker will get great news and a golden opportunity that would impact their life greatly. The seeker is rewarded for their old contributions and hard work and they would be getting an amazing chance to take a new role in their life.

The Aces of Wands states that the seeker would take the brand new initiative in their life of in work that would be successful and cherishable. The seeker can also start looking for new passion or hobby that can change their professional front and make them a new person.

This card highlights on new beginnings because it states that the seeker would find their true potential and put it to use. They will feel brave and bold to make big decisions that would impact them and their family but in a good way. the seeker would seek a new path in their life journey.