What does Ten of Wands (Upright) convey in tarot readings?

What does Ten of Wands (Upright) convey in tarot readings?

In general context Ten of Wand represents overwork, burdens, oppression, and struggles in life. The situation ordinarily might have started off as a good idea but eventually has become an overburden. It signifies greater responsibilities, work pressure, stress, and overloaded with many problems.

Pictorial Representation –

The picture of ten of wands shows a man carrying woods, in the form of heavy ten bundled wands, heading for a town that seems not too far. This is indicative of the fact that an individual who has already struggled in their life and is successful enough in carrying the rewards of his harvest to the final destination. Though, it is shown the destination is still a bit far away but the hardest part of life struggle is behind them and he can rest and revel his success.

Ten of Wands (Upright) –

Ten of Wands always has to do with struggles and hard work one has to do to achieve the set goals. Although, career upliftment, love, and relationship or any other factor demands work and responsibilities, remember anything done in excess will only reap stress, not fruits. It may also mean you are heading for too much and have overburdened yourself, due to which you feel burn out and stressed.

This card also at times means the end of struggle period in life and time to relax and reap fruits of labor. After spending a great deal of energy in work seeking success, you finally overcome all the obstacles and reached a satisfactory place. As a result, abundance will knock at your doorstep and poverty would exit from your life. Although, this sounds great the fact that this card overburden your shoulders with responsibility can also not be denied.

Ten of Wands Meaning in a different context

Love and Relationship (Upright) –

When it comes to love the Upright Ten of Wands signifies an overburdened relationship. It may feel as if your partner does not value you much and takes you for granted. As a result, the responsibility of maintaining the relationship falls on your shoulders while your partner takes a back seat and relaxes you might feel like charged with all the tensions and responsibilities of making the relationship work. It means that love and fun have gone out of your relationship and have been replaced with obligations and duty to keep the relationship going. This can also show up when you feel like the only one struggling to hold the relationship. While for the singles ten of wands mean that love has gone out of your life and has been replaced with burden and stress that you do not even have time for meeting someone new and dating. However, if you want to change the situation and outcome, you have to take a little time out for love from your busy schedule.

Finances and Career (Upright) –

When it comes to Finances and Career the Upright ten of Wands cards signify a difficult career overburdened with responsibilities and stress yet not much in terms of return from the profession. You could have landed yourself with way more than you can handle. Taking new projects and tasks thinking they might prove beneficial for your career upliftment, but as a result, it is just causing you enough stress. Make sure you delegate your responsibilities to others and keep only what you can manage. Subsequently, you have lost your enthusiasm in the work and which in turn is also negatively affecting the work as well. When it comes to finances, ten of wands arcana implies financial burdens and responsibilities. It might even as far means your daily struggles to support your family and make both ends meet. It can even mean you have overburdened yourself under a lot of debt and are struggling to repay. However, whatever the situation might be, sit and relax, then think of a possible idea to get yourself out of this situation, either talk to a friend or someone close to you in order to get yourself out of this stressful period.

Health (Upright) –

When it comes to Health the Upright ten of wands card signifies that you might have overburdened yourself with stress and responsibilities. As a result of this, it is causing negative effects on your health, and determining health could even lead to a physical illness, disease, or injury. First and foremost, if this card shows up remember to check on the pattern and that nothing is greater than your own health.  You cannot provide for anyone if your own health gives up on you, therefore be mindful of your sleep cycle and take adequate sleep at least 8 hours a day. Take extreme care of the kind of food you are putting inside your mouth, make health, and nutritious food your priority. Other than this, do not forget to take some time out for yourself and invest it in doing meditation and yoga daily in your routine life. If you keep the point of all the above-referenced things, undoubtedly it can do a whole lot of good for you and in turn improve your health and consequently your life in a positive light.

Spirituality (Upright) –

 When it comes to Spirituality the Upright ten of wands card signifies that you have lost your focus and have gone a bit out of the way when it comes to handling work life and personal life. It might also mean that you could have gone off track from your spiritual path and progression and the stress and burden to keep yourself up with the materialistic things or the world has taken you off the roads to spiritual growth and ascension purpose. It shows up to divert your focus onto the important lessons and path and to guide you back on the right track. If you think you might have gone too far to return, remember the universe works in miraculous ways and can always lead you to your soul purpose