What does number 9 mean in numerology?

What does number 9 mean in numerology?

Numerology is the study or a belief that draws a divine connection between numbers and terrestrial and futuristic events. It is the study that emphasis on the numerical value of letters to frame names. It is often considered along with divine methods of sages and astrologers. Numerology is unproven claimed science that is widely believed by many spiritual followers. Numerologists are those people who draw connections between the numbers and the events to predict the future and also the people who those who have faith in number in everything they do.

Every number holds a unique value and identity in numerology. And everyone needs to calculate the life path number in order to find which number they are destined to. One of the most powerful numbers is number 9.  It comes last in the number system and is the most humble.

How to calculate the life path number?

The date of birth of a person tells a lot about the person. Numerology with the help of the date of birth is used to find the life path number. The date of birth is reduced one single digit and that number is the destined path number.


 Let’s take the birth date is August 6, 1998.

  • The month is 8
  • The date is 6
  • The year is 1998 is reduced to 1+9+9+8 = 27, then 2+7= 9
  • Then add the reduced month, date, year

8+6+9 = 23 this is reduced to 2+7 = 9

So the life path number is 9.

Let’s take another birth date December, 25, 2019

  • The month is 12, then it is 1+ 2 = 3
  • The date is 25, then it is 2+ 5= 7
  • The year is 2019 , then it is reduced to 2+ 0+ 1+ 9 = 12 which is then broken down to 1 + 2 =3
  • Then add the reduced month, date, year , 3 +7 + 3 = 13 , then it is 1+ 3 = 4

So the life path number is 4.

What are the qualities of number 9?

People with number 9 as their life path numbers are spiritual believers and pure humans. They are gentle and very generous. They believe in god but not in idols but in life around.  They put others before them.  They are practical but follow their hearts when it comes to making decisions.

They are very devoted and dedicated to their bonds of friendships, relationships, and partners. They believe in giving rather than taking.  They are very selfless and often people with this number end up being volunteers or NGO workers and social activists.  They are born to be charmers which makes them very approachable. They are very good at listening and helping others.

People of nine tend to be sensitive that they get sad at other people’s pain. They fight for justice and help the poor.  They can easily get their work done because of their good humble nature. No one finds them at fault.

These people are honest and loyal. Others trust them with their secrets and other things.  They are strong physically and mentally and can take criticism without budging their decisions. They are stubborn but considerate.

They are very optimistic about their goals. And all their dreams and goals focus on the betterment of others’ lives or which benefit everyone in society.  They are not money-driven but they understand the necessity of money to make something happen. They might get misunderstood sometimes by their loved ones because of their generosity but that won’t stop them to be so.

People of number 9 are family people. They make very caring mothers and fun-filled fathers. They understand the need for life in this fast-moving world. They are usually the soul of the party and they easily make new friends. Even though they are very approachable for people, they do not open up so easily. They are secretive about their emotions and feelings. They always put a big smile and move on in life.

How romantic are people of 9?

It is very hard for people of nine to get into relationships. They wait for the right person because it is very hard to understand their nature. But if they find the right person, they are devoted to them throughout their life.  They make amazing partners as they are very caring and compassionate. They are creative when it comes to expressing their love for their partner. And their love never dies.