The people belonging to Cancer sign and born under the moon are one of the most sensitive and sentimental people. They are responsive to every situation.

Those who have this sign in their lives enjoy the warm affection and intimacy from their partner. They love to care about everyone and have a natural maternal instinct.


Moon in cancer causes imaginative spirit:

They have a very strong memory which causes them to make songs, music, and art from these stories of theirs. However, the negative aspect of a strong memory is that they will remember a wound for a long time. 

This will always leave Cancers attached to their past. Moon in cancer causes the people belonging to this category very sensitive. They expect a lot from the people who are near to them and love them.

They will keep testing these people for their loyalty without expressing their feelings openly. This trait of a Cancer comes from its fear of being rejected by the near and dear ones.


Moon in Cancer trait of being Homebody:

Those people who have Moon in Cancer will always want a home base no matter what. Even if they are somewhere in public they will always crave a touch of home. 

These people have a lot of mood swings and thus, have a constant need for solitude to keep these mood swings in control. When their mental peace is in place, they will turn out to be the strongest.


Moon in Cancer makes these people strong and sensitive:

These people make the life of their partner a bit complicated. However, a true partner will always understand that these people are both strong as well as sensitive.

To win the trust of the people having Moon in Cancer, all on needs to do is encourage these people in their good time and provide support in their worst. 

However, when a Cancer Moon decides to leave, they will tend to be very cold. These people keep their mates close to them till they find someone new and later just push them out of their lives.


Cancer Moon has a state of flux

These people get affected by the feelings of other people around them or by the activities going on in their surroundings. They need to be careful and considerate about how sensitive they are.

The cancer moon constantly finds itself being tossed by other people’s feelings. To avoid this, they need to learn to differentiate between what is theirs and what is not. They have to stop getting affected by other people so easily.


Moon in cancer and understanding personal needs:

These people unknowingly attract people with emotional problems. This results in people belonging to this category having natural maternal instincts.

As a result, these people will start taking care of their partners' feelings while ignoring theirs completely. They need to avoid relationships where they have to play the role of the parent. An ideal partner for them is someone who understands and takes care of their feelings also.


Moon in Cancer’s need for home and family:

The people having Moon in Cancer are generally very traditional. They will want their family to be around them at all times and will always find themselves responsible for their family’s wellbeing.

However, these people are at their best when they have someone to take care of their sensitive and emotional feelings. And the sense of natural caring for others comes very easily in these people. And maintaining emotional ties is important for them.

However, the feeling of showing care can increase a lot within these people causing their family members to feel suffocated. Thus, Cancer Moon needs to understand that their family members need their own time and space too.

Basically, these people need to learn how to show care without taking the independence of the people they love as well as their own. They need to show care by teaching people how to go in the real world and experience the highs and lows of life.

Being born with Moon in Cancer one is likely to observe various traits like

·        High intuitive

·        Sensitive

·        Empathetic

·        Maternal

These people know what they need and when they need it. However, they need to learn about their own needs first, before caring for others. They are natural homemakers and family people.

They are highly concerned about the safety and the happiness of their near and dear ones and will do anything for their happiness. These people connect easily with others.