What Does Jupiter Transit Leo means?

Jupiter is the fifth planet of the astronomical solar system and the largest planet revolving around the Sun. Scientists study says that Jupiter is not a solid figure but a giant rotating mass of gas. It takes almost twelve Earth years to complete one orbital period around the Sun and the number of natural satellites moving around the planet is still being discovered.



Astrologically speaking Jupiter has a very significant role in the workings of Vedic astrology. Unlike its next planet, Saturn Jupiter possesses to be a very auspicious planet that commands wisdom, spirituality, the cultural, liberal and generous tendency of a lifetime. The aspect of life that Jupiter affects the most are kids and wealth. Jupiter is supposed to be highly spiritual and it relates to devotion, worship, and prayer. In the birth chart, Jupiter is the first planet that is read and noted because of its high importance. A strong Jupiter means the individual will be blessed with kids, wealth, money and will be more connected to their spiritual self. However, every planet also has an adverse effect, in the case of Jupiter the individual will have difficulty in intimately conceiving a child also may have a great loss in wealth and monetary issues.



Leo will be very generous but they are also very passionate in both their personal and professional life which makes them extremely goal-oriented. One very contradictory trait of Leo is they are very skeptical of agreeing with someone else’s opinion in any project they are working on. The individual is extremely competitive and always have to come first in any striving. Socially they can be less acceptable because of their downright straight forward brutally honest nature and they are also very prone to making enemies. This zodiac can also be very self-righteous and narcissistic which can have both optimistic and pessimistic outcomes in their life.



The influence of Jupiter in Leo compliments the fire element that governs the zodiac. Leo is fond of power and position in professional ground mostly and Jupiter transiting the Zodiac allows the individual in Leo to gain and maintain the position. If any Leo has lost their inner confidence they will immediately regain by the powerful affluence of such a significant sign. Jupiter allows Leo to take a creative risk which assists them in achieving new boundaries that they were initially scared to cross.

Jupiter in Leos's path is very unique. It will create a serenity among the individual born under this circumstance it generates growth and optimism. A very prominent negative trait observed by everyone in this incident is being self-centered but according to experts, it is considered an important trait required in life as Leo’s born with Jupiter will never let another person wrongfully take away their right or something they are worth having. They will achieve the goal they have their eyes stuck upon and their intuition can help them recognize the ulterior motives hidden under a joyous face.

Leos born under these circumstances have tremendous pride and they are always searching for drama in any relationship in indulging themselves in. These individuals are always looking for adventure but their own personality becomes a paradox when they meet someone they feel genuinely for and they are ready to settle. Deep down this individual will always look for validation but like the mass of Jupiter, their Ego and pride is huge and will never stray away from the strong personality they always portray. The lion of a Leo is where they get their magnificence, the touch of Jupiter will allow them to excel in it and create a good impression among the social crowd.

Leo has always grown the reputation of a personality to be less of people’s person and more of the authoritarian leader who’s intense determination can easily make them reach any extent but when it comes to the personal relationship among this individual influenced by Jupiter they are the most loyal partner and their loyalty leads up to them even compromising a little if that makes their partner happy. It takes some time for a Leo to come out of their skeptic shell to put their trust on someone but when they do they also make sure that they never break their significant other’s trust because they always believe inequality in their relationship no matter how much they show their authority outside.