If you have been feeling that things have not been going as per your wish, then you can probably blame it on one of the retrogrades that we are going through. This spring witnesses 5 planets in retrograde, it is believed that any planet in retrograde causes slowdowns or stress in an individual’s life, however, Jupiter Retrograde 2020 is an exception. This retrograde actually helps in putting a good spin to things and may help in improving the overall mood and vibe. It starts on May 14 and will continue till September 12. Usually a retrograde is associated with pausing life for a while, it may mean that you come across a hurdle and can’t move at the same pace as before, but since Jupiter is considered to be lucky, the slowdown caused by Jupiter Retrograde is more of a time to introspect and enjoy life rather than stressing about things. It’s basically a chance to review everything that we have learned in recent times and figure out how to implement in our daily lives. All in all Jupiter Retrograde 2020 can bring good luck and fortune and may also give the motivation to achieve the goals that you have set.

Let’s see how Jupiter Retrograde 2020 affects the different zodiac signs:


Jupiter Retrograde 2020 will compel you to adopt a different outlook towards your career path. The presence of Jupiter in the career sector is sure to bring you success and will get you the recognition you deserve. This retrograde is the perfect time to figure out what should be your next step, it is advised that you trust your heart more and go with your gut instincts.


You are here to conquer the world and you know it, this retrograde will prove to be instrumental in reducing the gap between you and the knowledge that you seek. You have been stocking up on a lot of wisdom and your views have changed on a lot of subjects, so embrace the change and enjoy the journey.


Jupiter Retrograde is a period of enlightenment rather than frustration, but a Gemini will have to try harder to enjoy this period. Your mind which is always hopped up on energy might face some difficulty adjusting to this slower pace, but you need to understand that it is for the greater good and will prove to be very helpful in the long run.


It is no secret that a Cancer has a track record of getting carried away in a relationship, the Jupiter Retrograde will give you the time to think and analyze things. It is a great chance to pace up and not get too emotionally attached. The presence of Jupiter has been strengthening your bonds but it does not mean you will stop listening to your brain.


You have been experiencing a lot of drastic changes in your life and the Jupiter Retrograde will give you the chance to think and figure out what is going to help you and what is stopping you from having the future you want. As the Jupiter Retrograde starts you might have to face some hurdles but as it progresses, things will start looking good for you.


The only thing standing in between you and the pleasure and passion that the Jupiter Retrograde 2020 brings is your own conscience. You are in your head too much, you need to let go of your past baggage and focus on the present. As soon as you let go, you will notice the improvement in your creativity and freedom.


The Jupiter Retrograde 2020 will compel you to examine the very base of who you are. This is a period of introspection, so you will be examining your past very carefully to understand your existence better. It can be a very emotionally draining process but don’t give up and keep going because the end result will be worth all the pain.


Jupiter is related to expansion, and you have undergone a lot of it in recent times, so the Jupiter Retrograde is a good time to slowdown and take a look and check if you have skipped any important details. An analysis will help you understand things better and make a plan to achieve things that you plan to.


The only thing that you are thinking about right now is self-love. Currently, your relationship with your inner self is your top priority, so the timing of Jupiter Retrograde couldn’t be better. It is the perfect time to rediscover yourself and work on your other relationships too.


The Jupiter Retrograde 2020 brings a lot of good news for all the Capricorns out there. It brings a lot of blessing and a thirst to achieve greater heights. The retrograde will help you grow a lot in all aspects. It will also compel you to integrate all your wisdom in your day to day life.


The Jupiter Retrograde 200 will take you to your deepest, hidden feelings. It will allow you to focus more on your optimistic energy in every aspect of your life. It is believed that you have been struggling with some things in life and this Jupiter Retrograde period will allow healing and overcoming any rough patches that you had to go through. You need to start paying greater attention to your dreams and gut feelings; because that’s the only way you can reach the future that you have envisioned for yourself. There is no harm in slowing down and getting in touch with your spiritual side.


It is very easy to get distracted when we are in an unfamiliar environment with new people and energies and you have been facing this for quite some time now. So the timing of Jupiter Retrograde 2020 is perfect as this will give you the chance to slow down and assess your relationships. There is no harm in cutting off ties with people who bring negativity to your life.