What does Death and Justice Card signify in a Tarot reading?

The Death and the Justice card are very important cards in the tarot deck. They both give different meanings and predictions of life. The death card has a man represented as a skeleton sitting above a white horse. The skeleton represents death as after death only the skeleton is left in a body. He also has a black flag in one of his hands. He is wearing armor. Beneath the skeleton, there is a king as well as a common person. It reminds us that after death no one can differentiate anyone with their class, gender, etc. The Justice card has a queen sitting on her throne with a sword in one of her hands and on the other hand, she holds a scale to represent balance. The sword represents that the balance and equilibrium should be maintained even with force or violence.


Death Card


The death card is one of the most feared tarot cards out of all. People think it signifies death, but it doesn’t signify the death of any individual. It represents death or the end of some event, relationships, work, etc. The main representation of Death Card is for change or transformation. It can signify the ending of certain things.


Upright meaning:


The Death card is one of the most positive cards out of all. It represents the death of a certain period, transformation, or change in one’s life. It can represent that the older self is now transforming and becoming a better version. There will be lots of changes happening in your life. The change might be in personal life or professional life. You are happy with all the transformation happening in your life.

Reversed meaning:

The reversed Death card signifies the resistance to the change happening around yourself. There are many opportunities for change, development but you are resisting it which is making your life more complex. You might be holding on to a lot of things from the past. As a result of which you are not able to move on in your future. Your past is stopping you from development. You might be scared and overwhelmed by all the changes that you are experiencing. Hence, you can be resisting the change to be in a comfort zone. But it is necessary to come outside your comfort zone and experience life in a better way. You don’t need to be scared of the unknown.

Justice Card


Justice card represents fairness, balance in life. The picture in the Card gives many clues of what it is trying to say. The scale in one of the hands represents balance and justice.


Upright meaning:

The upright Justice card represents fairness and justice in life. Whatever you have done will now be going to pay off. Your positive actions will give you positive results and you have to suffer for your negative actions. If someone else has done something bad to you, then also the Justice will be made. They will have to suffer. The Upright Justice card is a positive card when you want justice in your life. It can also represent a balance in your life. You will have to balance everything in your life. There will be a time when you will be judged for every action. It can signify justice and truth in your life. Every decision will be getting justice in your life.


Reversed meaning:


The reverse Justice card can signify that you know you have done something incorrectly but you are not taking full accountability for your actions. You are not accepting your mistakes. You are not treating the situation fairly. There might be dishonesty and an imbalance of thoughts within you.

 It is necessary to take responsibility for your actions because then only you will be able to correct your mistakes. Ignoring your mistakes will make you dishonest to yourself. Hence, every action must be justified. 

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