The Eight of Wands is one of those few minor arcane cards which symbolize the meaning of ‘losing yourself’ in a particular moment. It is found in the Rider-Waite tarot reading. The wands which are present in the air indicate that you are completed using your attention in whatever work you are doing.

The wands in the air also signify one more thing. It symbolizes the change in life and travel opportunities.

The river which is flowing below signifies the flow of life as well as fertility.

The green and the hilly landscape which is present around the river shows that there is growth and there are many opportunities that are waiting ahead for you.

Usually, the Eight of Wands tarot card is based on the Mercury or we can magician in the Sagittarius which signifies the temperance.

Usually, the Eight of Wands tarot card speaks that there are swift action and progress which lie ahead for you in the near future. Also, the travel sign indicates that any kind of travel can take place.

The Eight of Wands shows different aspects of love such as career, love, daily life, prosperity, and so on. Let us look at some of the predictions which are displayed through 8 of Wands in the wave of feelings.


While going through a love reading, if anyone comes across through the 8 of Wands tarot card, it denotes that an individual has the tendency to love quickly.

It signifies that the person knows how to love passionately. If they get into a relationship, they will love their partner passionately and will devote themselves to give all the things in their jurisdiction to their partner.

When they come into a relationship, they give their best to make the relationship work the best that they could. This card denotes that the couple will fall in love all over again and they feel that their love is new and exciting each and every day.


The person who has this tarot card signifies that they have an ambitious personality and believe in the long-time goals. This gets matched with the feelings which make the person a Seeker who always feels excited and energized and is ready to give the best shot in his or her relationship.

The seeker of this card knows how to live life to the fullest and wake up every day with butterflies in their stomach.

A person who gets this tarot card shows that they are deeply attracted to someone which means that they have a big crush on a person with whom they want to start a new life.

In a relationship, the seeker is expected to be magic who blossoms up their own romantic world.


There are two ways to how the Eight of Wands appear. If this tarot is reversed, it indicates a lot of negative front in the life of the people.

The reversed form indicates that things are not in its place and the seeker lacks energy. It signifies lethargy in the life of the individual and the things do not seem to appear in the right direction for them.

The delay and poor time management may lead to the loss of correspondence in their life.

If focused on the love front, they might face some problems with their partner which may or may not be serious. Several other bad factors such as violence, warfare, and theft have also occurred if the seeker gets the reversed card.


The Eight of Wands tarot symbolizes the part of the action which the seeker is going to take in the near future. If the seeker gets this card, it denotes the seeker that their time has come and now no can stop them.

This is the high time for the seeker to put themselves in the society out there and get socialized with people.

The card asks the seeker to get away be shyness as you already have ‘the one’ in your mind and this is the best time through which you can achieve whatever you want. Yes, you are getting it right. It is the high time you take a step forward with whom you are going to confess as this time is going to turn your life from the ‘single’ status to the ‘mingle’ one.

There is a high time to listen to some good news out there. A big possibility lies ahead that a blind date is going to be organized by a caretaker of yours.


The Eight of Wands tarot card represents those things which are going to take shape in the form of development. The main path which will occur in the seeker’s life, if the tarot is not reversed, that most of the things will be inclined to the ‘yes’ path.

If you are thinking in the terms of the confusion of liking like ‘Does she or does he like me?’, then we assure you that your future partner is about to say yes. Your crush is going to be the partner and the love of your life.

The relationship information is not fully clear with this card alone. The person owning this card has to wait for some time to get a clear answer for this.


In a tarot card reading, the Eight of Wands signifies a communication either through social media or through any other means. It signifies a piece of welcoming news as well as a good wrapping up of the things where everything will start quickly to take a shape, on a positive side.

However, if the card is reversed, then the negative sides are most likely to happen. This might signify that the things may be moving too fast and the gossip is going to create trouble. Social media will become a burden whereas you will not be able to stay top cheer in everything.

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