What does 2020 have in store?

What does 2020 have in store?

The year 2020 is numerological year 4. The year 2020 is repeating year after 28 years with 366 days. With another decade coming to an end, 2020 has a unique calendar schedule of festivals and holidays. It can a very sad year for all the work people as most of the main festivals fall on a Sunday.  Being a leap year of 366 days, 2020 has 252 working days, 52 weekends and 10 public holidays. 2020 will witness 52 days of Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with 53 days of Wednesdays and Thursdays.

With 2020 being the number 4 year, it is promised to bring the most positive vibes and good change around the world. This number four is considered to be the symbol of the trinity and is meant to bring good fortune and luck.

Number 4 inspires us to explore and navigate with boldness. This year, it is predicted that there will be a lot of inventions and innovations. Many species will be saved and restored into the dying ecosystems. This year's number is meant to make improvements in everyone’s lives. This year encourages gaining more organization skills and work management. It is the most achieving year and appreciation will come immediately.

2020 is the year of excitement in terms of love, relationships, and bonds. All kinds of love will grow all over the world. Acceptance will spread across and bring people together. This is the year that will witness many people follow their dreams and hopes instead of the normal path.  Year 4 motivates every life path number to face challenges and it gives strength to rise up again with more confidence and determination. This year is the most successful year of recent times.

How is 2020 affecting the life path number?

Number 1: it’s time to segregate the priorities

Number one will be entering a new nine-year cycle and it is just to plan the things without any confusion. This year, number one can reach greater heights only if they know to keep the order of things properly. The wrong order of priorities might be the reason for its downfall. People with number one have kept the reality in check and let go of past else it will keep you down.

Number 2:  don’t lose the temper

Prosperity will come slow in the lives of number 2 this year. It’s not until late July they see good fortune. But its just that people of two shouldn’t lose hope and give up. Planning new strategies or changing new ways will help them to keep going forward. Being sensitive among all the numbers, number two can extinguish frictions and misunderstandings before they turn into a wildfire.  They have to fight hard.

Number 3: be stable

People with number 3 this year might be very restless and reckless. They will change things so easily with no motivation or determination to keep up the dreams. It’s time to resist temptation and fix to a goal. Their impulsive nature may get better of them. They should control their life and put themselves together to move forward.

Number 4:  open the narrow mind little wider

People with number 4 have a set of principles and morals which they follow strictly. These morals might be a hindrance this year to add more to their life. they should open up and start to accept the changes and go along the flow. The organized life of four will reach great heights if it becomes a little messy.

Number 5: get ready to spread wings higher

This year, people with number 5 will witness unexpected changes in life. they should grab every opportunity that comes their way. They will change both inside and out and greet fortune, success, and happiness throughout the year. It’s time for them to let go of the past and embrace the new future.

Number 6:  focus on the perspective

Being a giving number, it’s time to realize that number 6 also needs someone to give them, 2019 has seen many take advantage of this number. People of number 6 should make the necessary changes in life with people and their actions in order to be heard and make their stand.

Number 7: grow up

This year, number 7 will become mature.  People of 7, will self realize things, start growing up after hitting a sad and terrible dead end. This year, they will focus on new things, and things they will take them up.  Number 7 people will grow up emotionally and mentally by the end of 2020.

Number 8:  gear up to get rewards

2019 has seen number 8 put in a lot of effort and face uncountable struggles to make the dreams come true. 2020 is the time people of number 8 will receive all rewards for their undying efforts. Discipline and integrity made them reach this great height and they should take some time to give themselves a break they need.

Number 9:  focus on yourself

Being an extreme giver among the numbers, it is time for number nine to realize they have to put themselves first.  Focus on their journey of life and live for them. They should travel and explore new places to understand their true purpose of life. and for once they should put their needs before others.