What do your spirit guides and oracle cards want to tell you about your future partner?

The world works in her mystical way. As the wise quoted, We are only puppets, our strings are being pulled by unknown forces. In this mystical world, where nothing is in our control, especially on the fronts of our heart, it is great to surrender our wishes to the hands of horoscope, as it can answer all our questions

 A spirit guide knows you and knows all about you, you can get under the umbrella of their protection by complete devotion to the practices they ask for. They can take care of you and your love life. Trusting a person you don’t know, could be hard. The oracle cards can prophesize about all there is to know about your future partner. 

So let’s see how this works with the help of the most popular oracle cards, that you must have drawn at some point while Tarot reading.

#1 New Partner

 If you draw this card, this means it is an indication in your life to keep your heart open to all possibilities. The next meet-cute might be just around the corner. Everything is orchestrated by your spirit guide just for you. Pay attention to everyone you meet, the next one could be the one for you.

#2 Soul mate relationship

 If you draw this beautiful card, this may mean that your spirit guide has sent you the best match that could be possible for you. The soulmate understands and cherishes you. People dream about one true love, you will be living it. 

#3 Relationship

 You need to set a true connection with god. The more you are devoted to the relationship with God, the more other relationships will follow This card is not for romantic pursuits only, it also shows fraternal and familial love. 

#4 Cupid

 If the cupid is drawn by you, your spirit guide wishes to tell you that you need to love yourself, for others to love you. All the blemishes you see in yourself could mean treasure to others. They may be stars but they are beautiful. Allow yourself to love your little imperfections. Everyone is imperfect, that’s what makes us all unique in our way. 

#5 See only love

 Everyone has ideals set for love. At times, life doesn’t measure up to what we had in mind. From your present standpoint, you may look at regrets and mistakes, consider each of them as a valuable lesson and let them go. The past could be like a rose, you may look at the petals from above. But the more you try to hold onto the rose, the deeper the thorns go.

#6 Heart Chakra

  The heart is where love belongs, it is not to be handled by your psyche. Do not think about the matter of heart with the words of mind. If you have intuition follow it. Try staying positive with what you have to say. If you draw this card, your spirit guide wishes to tell you that, at the moment it is safe for you to love. Don’t overthink. There is nothing wrong with overdoing love. 

#7 Two of Raphael

 This card is drawn the spirit guide tells that someone is in love with you, and wishes to be with you forever. You should allow yourself to fall in love. Don’t worry someone is there to catch you. Don’t give up on love and those you love.

#8 worth waiting for

 It is a Greek legend that Orpheus waited for Eurydice for lifetimes. We are just flesh and bones with a wretched spirit. The world has more ideas for us than we can comprehend. If you draw this card, your spirit guide wants to say that this is your time to wait. Wait for your soul mate and have faith in the work of God. There’s a god’s plan for you. Just wait for the story to unfold itself. 

#9 Acceptance

 If you draw this card, it shows that your perception about yourself differs like chalk and cheese with your spirit guide. You perhaps don’t give yourself enough love. Stop being so hard on yourself. Accept yourself, just the way you are, you could inspire others too by doing so. 

In the end, it is also important for you to take care of the Tarot Spread that you use. Tarot spread in different ways that you place your cards on the mat. They could affect your connection with the spirit guide too. 

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