What Do You Know About Transit of Uranus In Taurus: Trouble or Blessings?

What Do You Know About Transit of Uranus In Taurus: Trouble or Blessings?

Uranus, the 7th planet from the sun. It revolves around the sun in 84 years for each revolution. This says that it remains in one sun sign for 7 years approx. Uranus entering in Taurus is known as the significant event in Astrology. According to Astrology, after some time staying in the Aries sign, Uranus did transit into the Taurus sign but this time it is more of a source of surprise as it is going to be there for a whole 7 years. In 2019,  the transit took place in Taurus. It is going to be there till 2026.

Uranus showcases the rebel character, It is high spirited and full of energy. It gives way for innovativeness, imagination, creativity, inventions. So we are here to find out what this rebel sign movement means if it moves to another sign?

As it stays in the sun sign for 7 years, the number 7 itself is holding a hint of the power that Uranus exercises. Numerology gives an important position to number 7. Tarot also talks about this number showcasing the characteristics of the chariot. Chariot is well known to fight hurdles and to always win over the negativity. Uranus was in Aries for the last 7 years. Aries defines masculine traits, because of the planet ruling this sign, which is Mars. Being aware of that, it comes as no surprising factor that how in the past years' male figure has been viewed differently and a new era has begun regarding it. There has been a great cultural transformation concerning issues relating to violence by men and harassment incidences. Hence if we take a moment to think about how Uranus in Aries has an impact on the societal sphere, we can have an idea about the kind of lesson Uranus in Taurus can teach


History is the evidence, how in some instances this Transit has caused havoc, whether in economic instability or natural disasters. At such a moment, there comes a feeling that is it something we should be afraid of? from 1934-1941, the last instance when Uranus had a transit in Taurus, we got ourselves dealing with Great Depression. Not to forget, we were heading towards the World War-II. It was also a time of transformation, but it surely managed to spread the chaos around. It was a time of revolution and what stops it from becoming that again, now.


By rejection of fear or any negative feelings, we all can together work through this transit of Uranus in Taurus. It can be a victory instead of a tragedic time. To be more precise, we should grab our energy and be ready to face new challenges as it is again going to be the time of essential transformation and upheaval.

Uranus is entering into the 2nd sign of the zodiac, hence the rebellion is going to be in the form of the brave princess. Having said it all, these two energies don’t match the best. So, tie your seat belt because we are heading towards a hell of a ride. It will be interesting to see how they work it together. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, everything which is ruled by venus is going to pass through feminine lenses at first.

Uranus in Taurus showcases great transformation for the way we look at beauty, finances, love, and luxuries. Upcoming years with Uranus in Taurus, we are going to be ready for a more equal world that we together will try to create. It is making us realize that all the people in the world are having equal rights to enjoy the wealth, beauty, love, and comforts of life. We are going to question the age-old system of hierarchy that disrupts equality in society. We could be heading towards a world with better social security management. It can be a universal wage or a better accessible healthcare system for everyone.

Uranus is providing all the sources for it, but it is we, the people who can make it possible in reality. We can work towards a  society with financial security and a world which serves each human being.