What Cryptocurrency Your Sign Should Invest In

The new era that we live in requires all of us to venture into the digital world, and it is important that we make the best use of it, too. CryptoCurrency has emerged as a new fad in the finance industry, and investing in this type of currency is a great way to gain real money very easily. And we all know the importance of our zodiac signs, don’t we? So here are a few cryptocurrencies which you should invest in, as per your zodiac sign.


This cryptocurrency is perhaps the second largest in terms of revenue generated as well as the attraction of people to the blockchain technology it uses. This currency was formed in the earlier months of 2017,  and now has more than 200 organizations using its technology. It has incorporated smart contracts that help in verifying or negotiating the terms as well as the enforcement of any contract into its blockchain technology, which is why it is such a popular choice among entrepreneurs. And we all know who exactly takes up that arena, don’t we?

Aries and Leo are perhaps the aptest sun signs to invest in this currency because they need results, fast. Their lives are ever revolving around the dynamics of staying at the top, and since both of them have a tendency to overspend, investing in this cryptocurrency will give them sure returns in short periods of time. Ethereum can also transcend applications which are currency-only, and this makes it an even better deal for both these signs.


IOTA, or the Internet of Things Application has become increasingly famous in the last 3 years, because it allows businesses to sell the data they possess, instead of letting that go to waste. It was initially an experiment to understand the nuances of virtual currency. This marketplace also has another important feature: it is completely “blockless” meaning, that the transactions on here can be made for free, which absolves a big burden put on the shoulders of those who wish to seek the help of cryptocurrency – the transaction fee.

We suggest Gemini and Scorpio invest in this one. For both of these signs, money equals power. And the more of it, the better. So this particular cryptocurrency will ensure that not only are the returns big but also independent of any other force. This means, that in case of a crash in the economy, this currency might not get affected at all. Plus, IOTA has big plans for its future and has already partnered up with brands like Accenture to increase their growth. And we know that both these signs love the challenge and the thrill of investment, don’t we?



This one has a mission to become the go-to technology when the question arises of banks and big financial enterprises. It has recently partnered up with American-Express as well as Banco Santander. As per this partnership, all non-card payments made via American Express’s International Payment network to any Uk’s Santander account shall be routed via Ripple’s technology and shall be processed instantly.

What is even better is that Ripple’s coins can be used as an intermediary in all international partnerships, which is why we think that Libra, Sagittarius as well as Pisces should invest in this particular crypto-currency.  It is simple, easy to understand and can be tracked by anyone. The signs have always been aloof of money issues, and if they wish to get started with investing, this is the right place to begin.


Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency created. It is the most popular network of blockchain technology and has been tested against attackers a number of times. The transaction, however much it costs, gives the user the anonymity they desire. It is a completely irreversible transaction and reaches out to the entire world. The private key also ensures security and makes sure that the code is never broken.

This crypto-currency can be the best-made use of by Capricorns and Taurus. They love saving money, and want to invest in something concrete with great refunds. The high liquidity of this currency is what makes it even more favorable for these signs. The only drawback perhaps is that it has a lot of transactions going on every single second. However, that is never a problem with these signs.


Monero has grown increasingly popular and could very well be the top of the chain, as it connects to the decentralized crypto-currency. It uses ring signatures through its protocol, which is open-sourced and is known as Crypto Notes. These ring signatures are a group of people who sign to create a joint bank account, only, in this case, the identity of the signer is anonymous.

A stealth address is created by the coins of Monero, only which can detect the funds that are sent to the address. This particular crypto-currency should be invested in by Aquarius, Virgo, and Cancer. Monero is designed to be an egalitarian form of tech currency, and this is what will attract the signs to Monero.

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