What are yogas in the kundali matching?

What are yogas in the kundali matching?

The ancient astrology explains the significance of yogas in the kundali matching. The yogas are the trigger points or the turns of life that guide the seeker in the right direction. The yogas are also the reasons for someone’s doom in their life.

The part of yogas is not easily linked without the help of the astrologer. Each horoscope will have different yogas in their zodiac and every yogas have different impact on different people. Half of the ancient astrology is dedicated to the type of yogas in the horoscopes.

Each yogas are under the influence of planets and the universe. They have a different impacts on different horoscopes. It is not easy to explain how the yogas take turns in the seeker’s life. There are more than 100 yogas and each yoga has subdivisions to offer more clear characteristics. The yogas of the ancient astrology will help the person to understand why things are going in the way they are and when they will attain good phase.

In simple words, the yogas of Kundli matching can be told that yogas stand for different phases that are influenced by the position of the planets in their horoscopes. In the case of Kundali matching, the yogas have significant impact on both the potential partners. The yogas should complement each other instead of clashing which could lead to disaster.

For an example, if there is a powerful raj yoga in one of the partners while the other has bad yoga where that partner is filled with bad luck, the bad luck will rub on the partner too. In this way the partners will either be doomed together. The astrologer will also predict the forthcoming yogas in both the Kundalis to have a better picture on what the partners have in store.

The kundalis are the birth charts of the two potential partners. The kundalis explains how the future is going to be for both the partners. The yogas are the phases that each partner will experience in their life. It is vital that the yogas complement each other rather than dominate or have a negative influence on the other partner.

The yogas in Kundali matching is also done on how the yogas will change after marriage. It is one of the factors that are calculated before the marriage is taken place. Many aspects like the reputation, wealth, and negative phase or yogas are looked into. This is done because any yoga in either of the partner’s horoscope will impact both the partners.

What are the powerful yogas in the ancient astrology?

Raj yoga simply translates to king phase which means that the seeker will be blessed with wealth and power. The seeker will be ruling the period and everything will go as they please. This phase can witness the seeker growing in their lives and attaining a position of authority. They would become kings in their fields and achieve immense fame and glory. All their battles in any area will be won and celebrated. The potential partners together will gain honor and prosperity as they will be blessed with all their desires.

Parashari Raj yoga is another yoga that is purely focused on the wealth and finance of the seeker and their family. This yoga can only be formed is the factors of Trine and Kendra in the kundalis or birth charts complement each other or complete each other. Once the Parashari yoga is formed, the seeker will go under a great change in their wealth status. They will immensely be upgraded in their reputation and wealth. They will attain new properties that will bring the glory to the family and family name. This yoga or phase can change the seeker’s life for good or bad but the seeker’s life will definitely change.

Adhi yoga is the phase that is created when a lot of planets come in the perfect alignment. It is not easy to attain adhi yoga. This yoga or the phase brings in a lot of responsibilities and victories. It is simply called the success phase where the seeker is promised amazing success in their life. The adhi yoga is created when the kundalis are matched and the planets are aligned in a specific order.

The order of the planets need to have Mercury in the 6th or the 7th position of the kundali followed by the Jupiter in 7th or 8th and finally with Venus in 8th position. This alignment will bring prosperity and an unexpected position of authority that will change a life forever.