What are the Vedic parameters that are matched in the Kundali matching?

What are the Vedic parameters that are matched in the Kundali matching?

The Kundali matching is considered the most auspicious event before the wedding in the Hindu culture. It is the first step in the holy process of matching two people and checking their potential to be a perfect partner.

In the process of Kundali matching the birth charts and the horoscopes of the two potential partners are verified with an astrologer. The astrologer will cross check the horoscopes and give the possible compatible scores for the two partners. The Kundali matching plays a vital role in bringing two perfect people together. The Kundali matching helps the people to have a successful and happy married life. The Vedic astrology emphasizes the importance of the Kundali matching as it calculates every daily life parameter and gives the outcome.

The Kundali matching in Vedic astrology is a huge subject. It includes various meticulous calculations that are very important for a marriage to be successful. The Kundali matching is seen from the ancient times of Greece ruling. The kings and queens are matched using the horoscopes.

In the Indian ancient times, the Kundali matching is done to check if the King’s marriage will bring prosperity to the kingdom. Kundali matching plays a key role in deciding the compatibility between two people. The process is clearly illustrated in the Vedic astrology.

The Kundali matching process has eight categories that are called as the Kootas or the koots. There Kootas are then subdivided into 36 Gunas. The 36 Gunas are the key Vedic parameters in the Kundali matching. The 36 Gunas of both Bride and the Groom are cross-checked and matched.

In the process of Kundali matching, it is necessary that out 36 Gunas, minimum 18 should match for the marriage between the partners to be accepted for a successful marriage. If more than 25 Gunas are matched, the marriage is highly successful according to the Kundali matching.

The eight segments of the Kundali matching has different weightage and points. There are a lot of subdivisions in the Kootas which needs to be matched by both the horoscopes. The Gunas in the Kootas have to be precisely matched to give the perfect outcome.

The 8 Vedic parameters in the Kundali matching:

1.Varna or Jati: the Varna in the Kundali matching is the first step to be matched. The Varna means the caste or the clan. This has to be matched so there won’t be any clashes in the customs, the food habits, and lifestyles.

2.Vashya: the Vashya in the Kundali matching is the power or the status equation. The bride and groom need a perfect balance in their power equation so their won't be any ego clashes among them.

3.Tara: The Tara or the star is the star compatibility in the process of Kundali matching. This is a necessary step in the Hindu culture. The birth star is taken very seriously to match the personal and characteristic traits of the bride and the groom.


4.Yoni: The Yoni in the Kundali matching determines that sexual equation between the bride and the groom. They need to be physically attracted to strengthen their bond and make their marriage life successful.

5.Rashyadipadi: The rashis play a vital role in the Kundali matching. The zodiac signs have to be very compatible to make a successful marriage. The rashis are matched to understand if the personal traits of the bride and groom can sync. It is necessary they have a common ground else they will face difficulty in their life.


6.Gana: the ganas in the Kundali matching is to match the temperaments of the partners. They need to have almost the same ganas to sync in their ideology and inner cores.


7.Rashi: the Rashi measures the love and intimacy levels in the Kundali matching. It is necessary to understand the mutual feelings of the partners. If one partner is silent and calm while the other is wild, there will be less intimacy level between them.


8.Nadi: the Nadi in the Kundali matching measures the health and genes of the partners. It calculates how the health is maintained and how life progresses between them for future generations.

Kundali matching plays an important role to bring the most potential partners together for a happy married life. It is a custom that is followed by decades of generations which is proven to be right always. The Kundali matching for marriage is vital and it plays a key role for successful endings.