Libra likes to imagine that the world is perfect; they want peace and harmony for everyone. There is no injustice or unfairness in their little world. But that hardly happens; anyways with a little luck, they can get their peace. Let’s see what the lucky numbers are for Libra.

Libras are kind of daydreamers, they believe in a perfect world that doesn’t exist, and it’s highly unlikely that it ever will. But that doesn’t stop them from thinking about it; they come up with all kinds of solutions to mend the imperfect world that they are living in.

However, that often leads to disappointment, as their ideas don’t really work in the real world. Many renowned Astrologers have come up with the name Lucky Libra for this sign; they are naturally blessed with good luck and fortune.

Lucky numbers are nothing but a few numbers which if a person comes across, should definitely act upon it as they can prove to be very fruitful for them. let’s take an example, suppose you’re lucky number is 2, so dates with 2 in it can prove to be lucky for you, or if you are boarding a train and see the number 2 on it, it can mean that your journey might turn out to be really rewarding.

These numbers keep coming up in everyday lives, Libras just need to be smart enough to notice them and make good use of them.

Libra Lucky Number “6”

This number is the most common lucky number for Libras. It comes up quite often and is equally rewarding also. Libras should definitely be on the lookout for this number and act upon it as soon as it crops up.

When a dice is rolled, 6 is the highest number which justifies why it is a lucky number for Libras. When a player gets 6 on the dice, they move ahead very fast, this number plays the same role for Libras. It brings about a rise in the positive energy and opportunities for a Libra.

After a Libra comes across the number 6, things start looking good for them. If they were facing any hurdles in their work, they will be able to get past them. Moreover while making decisions, it is better to choose the one which has 6 in it.

For example: when looking for a partner, if they have their birthday on the 6th or the 6th month of the year, it can prove to be a really good match.

Libra Lucky Number “42”

As per Douglas Adams, 42 is associated with the meaning of life in today’s culture. This is often taken as a joke by most of the people, but a Libra takes it quite seriously. It obviously cannot give the answer to the meaning of life but can prove to be really lucky.

It helps in forming a connection between two sides of life which otherwise seem completely disconnected. Libra being a star sign is all about balance, so forming such connections is highly important for them. So anything that brings balance in their life, gives them a lot of satisfaction.

Basically, whenever they see the number 42, they automatically get attracted to it. They start paying more attention to all the situations which involve the number 42. They also tend to base their decisions on the presence of 42.

Libra Lucky Number “15”

It is quite common for star signs to share some common lucky numbers, but 15 is a number that is specific to Libras.  It doesn’t occur on many lucky number lists. It is lucky for Libra not just for the sake of it, but what it symbolizes literally and morally.

15 means 10+5 which symbolizes having full and then half more, and who doesn’t like to have something extra to share with the world and that is what a Libra is all about.

Whenever Libra finds them in a situation where they are unable to meet their basic expenses, number 15 will guide them. As soon as 15 pops up in their life, they will be able to find prosperity and the ability to give to society.

It can also prove very fruitful for the women who have been planning to conceive if 15 comes anywhere it suggests that their entire pregnancy will be very happy and smooth. All those Libras born on 15th October have a distinct quality of being self-made.

Libra Lucky Number “24”

No guesses here, a Libra is smart enough to understand this is just 42 written backward which makes 24 a lucky number for them too. Another approach to this is, 2+4 = 6 which is again on the list of Lucky numbers for Libra.

24 is not related to decision making, but instead, it gives space to Libra to organize their thoughts and bring sue clarity in their life which then helps them in taking important decisions.

All the paths which have 24 on them somehow are definitely worth a shot and can prove to be fruitful. It also helps Libras when in a dilemma; they tend to prefer the option which is somehow related to the number 24.

Libra Lucky Number “51”

This again the same case as 24, it's 15 written backward and 1+5 gives us 6 both of which are on the list of lucky numbers for Libras.

Many people don’t easily believe that 51 is a lucky number, as it is quite odd, but there is a logical explanation for it. 51 means more than half which can suggest a controlling stake in partnership or businesses.

It is advised for Libras to believe in this number and take decisions with consideration of the number 51. It will bring in positivity and good luck in the lives of Libras.