What are the influence of Saturn Mahadasha and how to deal with it?

What are the influence of Saturn Mahadasha and how to deal with it?

In a human's life, according to Vedic astrology, there are three vital things that are responsible for an event to take place. One of the aspects of an event to take place in astrology is "Dasha". There are different planets which are responsible for influencing different aspects of our life. There is a perceived lifetime of an individual which is counted in 120 years. Every single planet has been assigned a specific amount of time in an individual's life. Everyone in our life is divided in Mahadasha into 9 planets and these further divided into 9 Antardashas each. The following sequence is followed by Mahadasha - Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, Mars, Moon, Sun, Venus, Ketu. The lord of Nakshatra initiates Mahadasha, at the place where Moon is positioned at the place and time of birth. If you want to know the duration of Mahadasha exactly, you need to determine the degree of Nakshatra at the time of your birth.

The time periods of various Mahadashas are:

Ketu Mahadasha- 7 years

Venus Mahadasha- 20 years

Sun Mahadasha- 6 years

Moon Mahadasha- 10 years

Mars Mahadasha- 7 years

Rahu Mahadasha- 18 years

Jupiter Mahadasha- 16 years

Saturn Mahadasha- 19 years

Mercury Mahadasha- 17 years

Mahadasha may be defined as the calendar of our life according to Vedic astrology. A Mahadasha is favorable or unfavorable depend upon many factors mostly by the position of several celestial bodies at the time of birth and that is mentioned in our Janamkundali charts. Each planets Mahadasha have a time period for several years and you may not get the results related to only one single planet. Antadasha determines accurate results. Mahadasha is divided into 9 Antardashas in the same sequence of planets. Both the Mahadasha and Antardasha are responsible for the events that happen in your life. For instance, Rahu's characteristics and power will follow you if currently, you are under the influence of Rahu Antardasha with Rahu Mahadasha. However, the characteristics and influence in your life events can change if the Mahadasha and Antardasha are mixed.

Mahadasha of Saturn

As stated above, the Saturn Mahadasha runs for as long as 19 years in an individual's life. This planet is connected with karma, ambition, discipline, hard work, and longevity. Specifically, the Mahadasha of Saturn is linked to working-class, physically handicapped, old age with diseases. The Mahadasha of Saturn is often regarded as the checkpoint period in the spiritual journey. There are a number of renowned astrologers, Gurus, and leaders who have been known to have born during this period. Saturn is in line with your challenges and karma. It certainly is responsible for your success but the path to your success provided by the Saturn Mahadasha is never easy, but as you move through this path you attain ethical qualities. It poses many struggles in your life. This period is known for the experiences of denial, detachment, disputes, and distance. Even if this is very negative, the people having strong chart figures can pull it off along with the courage, willpower, and inner strength to fight.

The various Antardashas have different influences in Saturn Mahadasha:

Saturn Antardasha-

The complete Saturn Mahadash and Saturn Antardasha can provide you with a better position in life along with leadership qualities at the time of data. This period also results in very beneficial for marriage related matters. Getting local support is another feature. However, this period is not always smooth for everyone. Family and relationship issues may become common. Obstacles in professional life, jealousy, aggression may set in.

Mercury Antardasha-

Mercury is popular in this Mahadasha because it has the capability to balance all the negative influences of the Saturn Mahadaha in the chart. The individual an earn a better image in society and new luxuries may set in. Business growth is expected, maturity in actions is seen. The individual becomes more intelligent and wiser.

Ketu Antardasha-

This Antardasha can lead to a foreign trip for the individual. Like most of other Antardashas, the Spiritual influence increase also gets boosted. An increase in income becomes a good sign but your expenses also rise. But the negative effects are also persistent in this Antardasha. The individual gets restless and the feeling of dissatisfaction increases. There is a high lack of peace of mind. A lot of conflicts in the family may lead the individual to turn heads towards more religious systems.

Venus Antardasha-

After all the negativity, this Antardasha brings the individual back on track and it is known for the incoming of positivities. If the position of the planet is correct, there is a huge amount of success in professional and personal life. The individual gets to spend a lot of time with loved ones and luxuries become more available.

Sun Antardasha-

This is not a very good time for the individual, there is a lot of negative things that may happen. Conflicts with fathers are very likely. Other conflicts with authorities are inevitable. Detachment from family and health problems are other concerns in this Dasha.

Moon Antardasha-

This Dasha brings negativity in the form of mental problems. There are financial problems and the number of enemies also increases.

Mars Antardasha-

This Antardasha increases the feelings of aggression and authority in the individual, these feelings may be good or bad depending upon the place they are used in. If aggression sets in family relations it is generally not a good sign.

Rahu Antardasha-

Rahu Antardasha is very popular for its unnecessary conflicts in personal and professional life. Support from others is taken off, so this period is very much self-reliant.

Jupiter Antardasha-

Jupiter is a similar planet to Saturn in the field of Astrology. Jupiter is associated with wisdom, maturity, and spirituality. The negative impact of Saturn is led down by Jupiter.

Dealing with Saturn Mahadasha

Saturn is the most aggressive planet according to Vedic astrology. Also, it is the most feared planet in the solar system. Every person is affected by Saturn Mahadasha according to Vedic astrology. There are some methods to deal with this Mahadasha:

Shanti mantra- Reciting this mantra 108 times by the astrologer.

Rudrabhishek- Pouring water on Shiva Linga on Mondays and Saturdays.

Mrityunjaya mantra- Used in the most severe cases by the astrologer.