It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that planets have a great influence on our lives, every planet affects a different aspect of our life. All the planets have a visual and physical existence; however, Rahu does not have a fixed physical form. They are just imaginary points in the sky; however, that does not reduce the importance that Rahu exerts on an individual’s life. It is mostly associated with negative or ill effects and it stays put in one zodiac sign for 18 months.
The effect that Rahu has on a person’s life depends on its placement, if placed in a positive house it can bring wealth and prosperity to the individual, it proves to be extra effective for politicians as it helps them rise to power and use diplomacy. However, if your Rahu is not placed correctly, it can have some adverse effects on your life. It represents laziness, forgery, stealing, etc.

According to Vedic astrology, Rahu in the first house can have both positive as well as negative impacts on a person’s life.

Here are some of the impacts or effects that Rahu placed in the first house has on the life of an individual:

• Anyone who is born with Rahu in their first house, be it male or female will be very ambitious, they aim for the stars, they not only want wealth but also fame and recognition and they will get it too. Their ambition makes them work hard for what they want to achieve in their life.

• People with Rahu in the first house are blessed with good looks and are very attractive. They have sharp features and can make heads turn. They have a never give up or aggressive attitude.

• Talking about their behavior, it is quite odd and unpredictable. They are unable to assess their potential and capabilities, because of which they set impractical goals for themselves.

• A great advantage of having Rahu in the first place is it fills an individual with a courage which enables them to start something new or take up a new initiative at their workplace or even for the society as a whole.

• If you are young and have Rahu in the first house, then it means you live in a dilemma because of the virtual world that you have created for yourself. This virtual world of yours is far away from reality and gives you false hopes and expectations.

• If a person has Rahu in the first house and some other malefic effects in their horoscope chart then there is a high probability that the person will turn unorthodox or cosmopolitan, sometimes the individual might even lean towards hypocrisy. As per Vedic astrology, Rahu is considered as an outcast or mischievous planet and it is believed that it compels an individual to take up the wrong path or take short cuts for everything that they wish to achieve in their lives.

• Both males and females who have a weak Rahu in the first house are prone to a lot of trouble in their head, there are high chances if mental instability. They also face danger from animals, mostly reptiles. If they are undergoing any sort of treatment, they might have to face a reaction from the drugs, so they should be extra careful. They are very prone to accidents, mostly above the neck area.

• Spouse of a person with Rahu in the first house is likely to be suffering from physical ailments, they are said to be comparatively weak. Mental ailments can be more prominent in the partners of the individuals with Rahu in the first house.

• Females who are born with Rahu in the first house might have to face progeny related issues, they might have to go for abortions and face other abdominal related illnesses.

• Both males and females born with Rahu in the first house are not very lucky in matters of health so sometimes they might go for some unconventional treatments like using supernatural powers or occult. They even develop a strong urge to learn supernatural or paranormal things.

• As per Vedic astrology, people born with Rahu in the first house has insatiable sexual desire, which does not always work for them. This sometimes becomes the reason for their unhappy married life.

• Many astrologers have seen that people born with Rahu in the first house are likely to get attracted to someone or have a love affair with someone they met over the internet via social media. They may get attracted to a stranger, someone they know nothing about; their crush goes on, leaving them in distress. The intensity of such infatuations or love marriages depends on the Rahu ascendant of the person.

• People who are born with Rahu in the first house are said to be a reincarnation of their ancestors or forefathers. They tend to have issues in their relationships as Rahu is a karmic planet, however, the involvement of Jupiter might save them from trouble like infidelity, divorce, litigations, etc.

Advice for people born with Rahu in the first house:

As per Vedic astrology, individuals born with Rahu in the first house should take advice from their elders or any wise the person in their life before making important decisions. They should see the world as it is, instead of living in their dream world which is far away from reality. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is not necessary that everyone who is born with Rahu in the first house will have the above-mentioned effects in their life; it depends on the placement of other planets as well. But if an individual is concerned about the negative impacts of Rahu in the first house then they can go for some remedies after consulting their astrologer.