What Are The Characteristics Of A Gemini Woman?

What Are The Characteristics Of A Gemini Woman?

The Gemini Woman is a zodiac sign that is represented by the twins and signifies duality. This woman is two people at the same time- meek and bold, wild, and measured at the same time. As you fall for her you are in for a hell of a ride.


The Gemini Woman

The bubbly and jubilant personality of her Gemini Woman with her gift of words made you fall for her. She is wise and demands respect. The element of air causes her to observe the world through the lens of curiosity. Her motto is “I THINK”.

The Gemini woman’s will to push her boundaries with clarity


Gemini Woman Characteristics: Dating

The planet of Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini. The planet signifies communication and hence Geminis are adept at communication. The Gemini woman’s characteristics allow them to flex remarkable clarity, flexibleness, and the skill to change themselves whenever they want according to the situation. She will attract any man with her incredible articulateness. She loves to travel. So, make sure to take her out or book a surprise trip. This will make her fall for you more. The sign of Gemini also deals with merchants, commerce, science, and inquisitiveness. Her ruling planet governs the mind and hence expect loads of deep communication and philosophical communication.


Gemini Woman Characteristics: Love and Sex

Gemini Woman loves to love and sex. Gemini Woman’s Characteristics pushes her to be more spontaneous and adventurous. If the relationship you are offering her lacks spontaneity and spark, she will fly out of the nest that you have created dearly for both of you.

The Gemini Woman’s characteristics avert her from possessive and jealous partners. Her inclination to mingle amongst the crowd is everything to her. The Gemini woman’s characteristics light up an aversion towards being controlled or trained and if you try to do so this will end in disaster. Accepting her the way she is, along with her friends, family and her burdens and happiness is the best choice if you want her to fall for you.

The Gemini Woman’s characteristics don’t make her disloyal in spite of her social attitude towards everyone out and about in the world. When she finds the one, she has been looking for- the one who can captivate her heart, mind, body, and soul, she has eyes only for him.

Sex with a Gemini woman is going to sure to heat up the bedroom as she loves to explore and thrive in that journey of pleasure. She loves foreplay as much as what comes after it. She is all for trying out new things and you will never feel bored with her.


Gemini Woman Characteristics: Traits

The Gemini Woman’s characteristics propel her to live her life to the fullest. She will take you with her on her journey if you got the bravery and stamina to be with her. She moves from one thing to another, charming people along the way. The Gemini Woman’s characteristics make her a social butterfly as she moves on from one person to another- interacting and charming them. The best way to connect with this woman is to talk to her and you will get awarded with one of her deepest thoughts and innermost desires that are sure to enthrall you and capture your heart. However, if she retires from the conversation- remember that it has nothing to do with you but her who has gone in to rejuvenate herself.

The Gemini Woman’s characteristics push her towards the constant pursuit of knowledge and hence she does very well in academics. Her art of conversation makes her the queen of elocution. Allow her to take the lead and you are off to the moon. You will never be bored when she is around and that is quite assuring.


Gemini Woman Characteristics: Home

The Gemini Woman's characteristics propel her to choose a modern style for her home interiors with brand new ideas, paints, and furnishings. The Gemini Woman’s taste for her décor is not based on season or year.

The Gemini Woman’s characteristics include her thirst for knowledge and wisdom. Hence do expect a reading corner in your home that will have all her favorite books. The Gemini Woman’s sociable nature allows her to throw amazing parties for her and your peers.

The Gemini Woman is a marvel of nature. She loves to socialize and mingle and yet retain her energy for her home and children. Her strong nature propels her to do a wonderful job.