What Are Lucky Numbers For Virgo?

What Are Lucky Numbers For Virgo?

Every sign has certain numbers that are considered lucky and bring good luck and fortune for the sign.  Virgos have good faith in lucky numbers and hence it is very crucial for them to know their lucky numbers.

Lucky numbers come in front of us in many ways. They come every day in the form of door numbers, lottery numbers, ages, dates, etc. So, here is the list of some lucky numbers for Virgo:


Lucky number 3:

This number is considered to be a magical number and hence is all the luckier for a Virgo. This signifies that things start coming in a bunch of three in one’s life.

For Virgo, this number acts as a signal telling them that fortune is coming their way. Lovers generally end up living on 3rd floor of the apartment. In terms of career, job with number 3 in their names or the one’s situated on the 3rd floor of the building prove good.


Lucky number 7:

This number is a very cliché lucky number, especially for Virgo people. However, people belonging to this sign prefer logic and reasoning and hence end up ignoring this number.

This number releases control in Virgo and helps luck to bring success in their lives. Financial success comes on 7th of every month, and romantic gestures are seen to crop mostly on Sundays which is the 7th day of the week.


Lucky number 50:

This hefty number is also very lucky for the people belonging to this sign. It symbolizes abundance and plenty. This number usually tends to bring luck in money related matters for Virgo.

Hotel rooms numbered 50 make a particular trip taken by the people belonging to this very fruitful, successful and good. Also, when a Virgo turns 50, his life changes in the most beautiful way bringing a lot of luck.

The later years in their lives are full of love, wealth and comfort. This number also highlights the fact that a Virgo just can’t leave any task half finished.


Lucky number 6:

Number 6 is lucky for these people as it pushes Virgo into a sudden forward momentum. This is in contrast to a Virgo’s general nature of being very slow and careful at taking decisions, thus missing out some good opportunities.

This number might scare these people, however, the ones who trust it and go with it usually find themselves at the peak of success in their career or with the most caring and loving partner.

Apart from all this, money is likely to flow in the house of Virgo on the 6th month of the year and on the 6th day on the month thus making this number financially very lucky.


Lucky number 41:

This number is not seen very easily in day to day life. Its uniqueness and scarcity is what makes it Virgo’s lucky number.

Properties with address 41 is just the lucky place for people native to this sign. Pubs and bars or places to hang out, having 41 in their location are the areas where Virgo’s tend to have the most fun.

This number is lucky financially as well because cash usually flows in the form of $41 in a Virgo’s life.


Lucky number 32:

This number is ignored the most and might appear inauspicious but is considered pretty lucky for Virgo. This number symbolizes improvement.

When Virgo’s turn 32, their life sees a sudden shift for the betterment. Fortune in likely to come in abundance in their lives and they tend to become happier. Romance improves too.


Numbers considered unlucky:

Not all numbers are seen as lucky for Virgo. There are some numbers which might end up ruining the life of this sign and hence such numbers should be avoided.

The impact of these numbers can result in misunderstandings, poor communication and delay in the flow of money. All this can lead to frustration and hence poor health.

The classic number 13 should be avoided.  This number can be nasty for the people belonging to this sign.

Number 26 is another number that makes Virgos uncomfortable. This number causes problems in processing payments and make these people grouchy.

Despite all this, Virgos generally look for reasons and hence it becomes very difficult to make them believe what lucky numbers can do in their lives.

However, they need to understand that certain things and aspects can bring about huge changes in their lives.

By keeping the lucky numbers in mind, Virgo can actually channelize this positive energy into introspection, taking some time off and thus experiencing greater success in life at all times.