What Are Lucky Numbers For Leo?

What Are Lucky Numbers For Leo?

Symbolized by the king of the jungle, the Lion itself, Leo is an epitome of confidence radiating through them. They are among the confident and aggressive signs of the zodiac who know to exercise their authority as and when required. They are natural leaders and full of charm. One among the most optimistic signs of the zodiac, the Leo always looks at the good of a situation than the bad. This optimistic nature of theirs makes them be admired by many, especially in situations of crises. Leo love being the center of attention and it is their pride when people give them the respect and praise they wanted unknowingly.


A Leo man is open-minded about things and encourages his fellow mates to move ahead in the areas of their interest. A warm-hearted and outgoing Leo man will make his presence felt through his actions which are never a discouragement. Their innate leadership skills make them easily noticeable compared to others.


Leos can be easily hurt by simple words and they generally choose to not express it out in order to maintain stable relations. They need appreciation and love from everyone, especially those that he finds really close to his heart. This nature of his will give him a generous nature when cared for extremely and an aggressive nature once the respect he needs stops. Leo men have a greater sense of caring in them which their general nature or at times their ego will prevent from being expressed. But, once they start taking care of you like you’re their own person, there will be no looking back. They take no orders and general compliments and statements take them a long way.


The expectations they keep on their loved ones are high and when they are not reached, Leos do not back away from expressing their anger. They do not hold a grudge and forgive people easily, contradicting the unwanted effects of his ego and domineering nature. Leo men are the sweetest only when they like you. Once, they do not, the path to gain that confidence is not an easy one.


The lucky number for Leo is 4. The number 4 guides them through difficulties and obstacles keeping them on a higher ground among their peers. In the age-related to luck, 4, 22, 31, 40, 51 and 71 are of greater importance. These years will be highly significant for them. Pairing the luckiest of numbers with lucky colors too will be an important factor for Leo. 1 is another number that suits their personality due to the skills of leadership. The number 1 suits their personality very well because of the reason that they are attracted to being number 1 in everything and seek much attention.