What Are Lucky Numbers For Aquarius?

Symbol: Water-Bearer

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac.

These individuals are shy and quiet, with deep thinking and intellectual abilities.

They are always in their heads, ruminating about big visionary ideas and future endeavors.

Progressive and humanitarian, they love helping others and bringing change in the existing society for a brighter future.

Communicative, energetic and unconventional, they are always attracted to things that stimulate them mentally and would get easily bored if there’s nothing out there to spark them.

These individuals are known for being emotionally handicapped, cold and aloof which affects their personal life in a massive way.



In Astrology, Numbers holds a very mystical and divine meaning. The study of the relationship of numbers with zodiac signs, individuals and events happening in their life etc is called Numerology.

Every number, like any matter in the universe, has a certain vibration or frequency, and hidden meanings. If one person is aware of this idea, it can be very beneficial to him as it acts as guiding light to an individual.

There are different types of numbers that are calculated in numerology and they are Life Path numbers, Soul numbers, Destiny numbers, inner dream numbers, lucky numbers, etc.

These numbers can determine the nature and character of a person, can tell about one’s aim and purpose, natural talents and guide people during difficult and confusing times.


Lucky Number

Lucky number is calculated on the basis of an individual’s date of birth and Name.

These are used to attract positive and fruitful events in one’s life.

People use it for lucky draws, lotteries, major beginnings in life, important tasks, number plates, etc to bring luck in their lives.

Keep in mind that these numbers aren’t necessarily lucky for you, but have an edge over the numbers.


What are Aquarius Lucky Numbers 2020?

Although lucky numbers are very specific to individuals, it can be generalized among each zodiac sign.

Aquarius lucky numbers are 2,3,7 and 9 and any number that adds to these numbers for eg, 34 which on adding 3+4 will give 7.

These numbers have specific energy patterns and vibrations that have their own meanings, which support the native Aquarians in their personal and professional lives.


Let’s see what these numbers mean for the Aquarius:


Two symbolizes variety. It means that one can have the best of both worlds. As Aquarians stay in their head most of the time, this number can actually support them in actually manifesting their ideas in the physical reality.

According to old Egyptian beliefs, it represents the completion of the path of knowledge and wisdom.



Three is considered a very lucky and sacred number. It symbolizes the amalgamation of two forces into one mystical and energetic creation.

This can be lucky for Aquarians when they want to put their focus on their new visionary ideas in order to create something big.



Seven is considered an auspicious number and they symbolize intellectual, spiritual and psychic achievements. It is the number of knowledge and wisdom and it’s no surprise that this is one of  the  Aquarius Lucky Numbers.

Their desire for unending knowledge about everything that exists in the universe associates them with this number.



Nine is the number of integration and unification. This is lucky number for Aquarius in the way that it can help and guide them by showing them different ways to support their ideas and energy so that they can become a reality.

It’s usually used for inspiration and hope for successful achievement of their desired pursuits.

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