What and what not to Expect from Life readings by Vedic astrologers?

What and what not to Expect from Life readings by Vedic astrologers?



There are two types of Astrology, one is the Western Astrology and the other one is Vedic Astrology. Western Astrology is based on the tropical sign, i.e. sun signs. Vedic Astrology (Jyotish), which is an age-old Hindu belief system found in the Vedic scriptures of India and it follows the moon sign, unlike western astrology.


The Vedic Astrologers read the Astrological charts to provide a life reading based on the following: the time, place and date of birth. The astrological charts are also known as birth charts or horoscope, it is like a map for all the positions, placements and alignments of the signs, planets and the twelve houses with the planetary movements that occurred at the time of the person’s birth.


Now let’s talk about the Vedic Astrology that is usually the one used in the Indian astrological system to read, and get a deep analysis of one’s life events and happenings of the future as well as the ones that happened in the past. It can even tell you about past life experiences and what one will experience in future life. The experts who read and analyze the horoscope are known as Vedic Astrologers who have a wider perspective and knowledge in evaluating and interpreting just an individual’s personality and characteristics. As said earlier, they can read the present, future, and past events as well, the relationships, enemies, success, failure, everything.


When conducting a life reading of a person’s present or any life aspect for that matter, the horoscopes unveil all about an individual’s past and present life karmic actions. Now, these actions can be either negative/bad or positive/good, depending all on the person’s self doing and potential.


Expectations from the Vedic Astrologer

When going for a Life reading appointment with the Vedic astrologer, he/she will tell you about the elements that catch their attention the most, positive or negative or both of your birth charts. But there’s no stopping you from asking as many questions and varying questions as you prefer because in the end it’s not about what they tell you and you believe it instead of what you want to ask, what concerns you and know and gather more information as well as knowledge on that topic.

Below are a few questions and aspects that you can enquire about and expect from the reading by the Vedic Astrologer:


  1. Education, Career, and Profession:

Which career is the best prospect and when to go for it for better stability and success?

The right time to start a business, whether to have a business partner and if at all starting a new business will be beneficial?

The success rate of the career and profession chosen

The type of education and career opportunities should be looked out for?


  1. Health and Well-Being:

The questions can be related to your well-being and health in general.

Any possibility of getting a serious illness or disease, if yes, will it be curable?

Will my ongoing ailment get cured?

If surgery is to be done when is the right time to plan it?


  1. Romantic Relationships:

How good is the current relationship and whether to move forward with it?

What is the right time in my life to meet a partner with whom I will be best suited?


  1. Economy and Wealth:

How to balance and maintain the current finances?

When will the debt be over?

The preferable appropriate areas to increase the finances and income from

When and where to invest money?


  1. Family:

Any threat that I should be aware of when it comes to my family and children

When is there a possibility to have grandchildren/children?

The gender and probabilities of the child catching any illness or disease

The good and auspicious time to conceive a child


The other aspects include spirituality, traveling and moving houses, they can be endless and totally depends on how in your birth chart the placements of signs and planets are mapped. Life reading also depends on the knowledge and understanding of the Vedic astrologer about your karmic actions relating to the future, past or present life.