Stress has become an inherent part of today’s lifestyle; everyone faces some amount of stress in their everyday life. Students are stressed about studies, career, the various exams they have to give, employed people are battling the stress of their work, few people have a stressful home environment, and some couples have to go through the stress of a relationship.

All in all, everyone is stressed and the stress is not going anywhere, in fact with age and time it seems to increase. So it has become essential to adapt practices which help distress. The kind of practice which reduces the stress depends from person to person, some people find cooking therapeutic, some paint when they are stressed, some just go for a walk in the fresh air, while some meditate.

Meditation has been proved to be one of the most effective remedies for stress. It is a practice for the mind and body which brings a sense of calm, relaxes the body, improves a person’s physiological balance and enhances the overall health and well being of an individual. Meditation has been in practice for ages now, in fact it is very clearly mentioned in mythological books that saints and sages used to meditate for hours.

Meditation is given a lot of importance in Buddhism; the religion’s very foundation is to reach enlightenment with the help of meditation. With the growing awareness on meditation, people start meditating at a young age which proved to be very beneficial for them. Regular meditation helps train the mind, since at a young age, we are still acquiring knowledge, it is easier to train our mind so if we start meditating at that age, by the time we reach our 30s, our mind will be well trained and we will be able to handle stress in a much better way.

One such meditation practice is Astral Projection, it is a very difficult meditation technique and people require a lot of time to get it right. It is basically a form of meditation in which a person is so relaxed and deeply in touch with their physical and mental spirit that they have an out of body experience. It involves a feeling of our spirit or astral form, exit our physical body and this astral form has the potential to do anything from fighting off the evil to flying!

Quite obviously many people don’t understand this practice, but in spite of that this practice has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. You can find a variety of videos on YouTube of people talking about their astral projection stories and most of them are quite similar. People have mentioned about what they were able to do in their astral form, they have stated that they were able to fight demons, see angles around them, fly into the space and even have sex!

These similar experiences just make astral projection more and more believable. However, there are still many questions in the minds of people and some find it difficult to believe that the spirit can actually leave the physical form, but so many people with matching experiences can’t be lying. This debate on astral projection has been going on since its inception and will continue unless its backed up by some scientific explanation or proof and well everyone knows there is no scientific way to know if the spirit has left the body because that is something we feel, we can’t see the spirit moving out so how does one prove astral projection?

Many scientists have put forward the point that consciousness cannot exist outside the brain so how does a person feel that they are fighting off demons? However, it is a form of meditation and regardless of the fact whether the spirit leaves the body or not, it does calm the mind and makes us feel at peace so its worthy of your time and effort. One can’t help but wonder what if astral projection is real; it would solve so many of our problems.

It is believed that people who have mastered astral projection don’t have the fear of death because they know that death can only take away their physical form, not their spirit. People who have experienced astral projection stated that the body heals itself in the process.

So how does one try to experience astral projection, following are the steps which you should follow:

Prepare: First and foremost you need to prepare yourself, both mind and body. It is advised to practice astral projection early in the morning, as the half asleep state might help in the experience.

Atmosphere: Then, you need to create the right atmosphere, choose a room with zero distractions and try to do it alone.

Lie down and relax: Lie down on the bed, sofa or floor and relax your body and mind. Try to clear all distracting thoughts in your mind and feel every muscle of your body. Take deep breaths and focus your mind on your breathing.

Reach a hypnotic state: This is a state where your body and mind are approaching sleep but you don’t lose your consciousness. It’s like being on the edge of wakefulness and sleep.

State of vibration: People who have experiences astral projection stated that they felt some sort of vibrations in their body that is the soul preparing to leave the body so don’t get scared and feel the vibrations.

Use your mind: You need to try to move your soul with your mind, imagine the room you are in, move your body with your mind and standup, turn around and see your body lying on the bed. This when the astral projection is successful and your spirit has left the body.

Return: No matter where your soul wanders, it will always remain connected to your body so allow that connection to bring back your soul into the body.

Astral projection is a very difficult meditation technique and requires a lot of time and patience. However, don’t get disheartened if you can’t perform it because you are not losing anything.

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