If you are thinking of shifting your job, you should consider doing so this week as it might turn out to be fruitful. But, tours are on the card for you this week.

Getting into arguments at work needs to be avoided by you strongly. If you are a part, you should be friendly with your children in order to avoid clashes of any kind.

Those amongst you doing Engineering have to put in extra efforts and if you have an exam then you are advised to study in a group. 

However, the major financial loss might be faced by you due to you not looking carefully at a legal document or cheque before signing them.

Skin infections or skin allergies are likely to affect you this week. On the brighter side, you will easily tackle your enemies this week.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Love

If you have been disappointed or heartbroken recently due to your previous relationship, then the beginning of this week will be a fresh start for you.

You are likely to set yourself free with the help of truth. Venus, known for its love will meet Gemini in the middle of this week, making communication effective for you. 

You should consider flirting as talking as words are your biggest assets. You will find yourself connected to someone new this week. Rejection might hurt but you will soon get over it.

If in a relationship, you need to keep your eyes and ears open towards something that you are trying to ignore. 

Mid-week will make you play word games with your partner, although in a fun way. A lot of passionate energy is likely to surround you and your partner this week. As a result, you two will see yourself spending a lot of time together.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Career

You will find yourself to be extremely creative this week. You will be pretty passionate about things. 

However, you might end up working so much that your family time and personal time will suffer, which is not right.

You should be able to balance the work as well as the family. Research in the field of recycling, reuse or greener workplace will prove to be good for you. In case you are in a higher position, you are advised to make your colleagues believe that you value them a lot.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Money

Someone in need of a real and solid deal will consider approaching you for the help of any kind. You are someone who will see the good stuff amongst everything.

This is the perfect time for you to use your ability to judge well. Since communication is really for you this week, people will appreciate you and speak well about you. 

Creativity is maximum for you. Love is likely to knock your door. However, you need to be careful about handling your budget.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Health

You should consider taking a vacation in order to get your body back in proper action. In case of a lot of stress or work, you have to keep your mind stress free and be relaxed. 

In order to feel good about yourself and your body do something you like. You should try doing outdoor activities like swimming and dancing. Try to maintain all your healthy habits.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Shows

The number one show you are advised to watch is The Great Gatsby starring Leo DiCaprio. You will adore this show because of the bright colors, flashing lights, and costumes. 

This show will complement your fiery and passionate personality as well as satisfy your creative soul.

You are likely to enjoy this show a lot as this show reflects upon all your inner desires. You should consider watching this with your very close friend.

However, this might seem like hard work for you but will leave you relaxed the next day. This movie is available on Netflix. If you are thinking of partying, France is calling and Moulin Rogue is just the picks for you. 

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Summary

Therefore, this week will be pretty fruitful for you. Neptune will target your emotional sector and leave you to trust other people to do work.

However, this will make you learn a lesson and you will quit leaving your financial matters on others. Wednesday will be witnessed by good friends in your life. 

You will feel restless in case you start craving for fun and adventure. Adrenaline will pump inside you and you will want to travel and enjoy the freedom.

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