Weekend Sex Horoscope – Zodiacs Secret Erogenous Zones

Weekend Sex Horoscope – Zodiacs Secret Erogenous Zones

There are different erogenous zones for each zodiac sign. Knowing your partner’s erogenous zone is of great advantage. You will figure out in a jiffy where they like to be touched, where they like to be caressed, etc. If you are planning to have some sexy time this weekend, then you have come to the right place to know all about the Zodiac's secret erogenous zones. In Astrology, certain areas of the body rule a Zodiac and are called erogenous zones. These zones are sensitive to arousal when caressed and touched.

Let us find out how sex would be like this weekend for you with your partner if you are just a little bit more sensitive to their erogenous zones.


The erogenous zone for an Aries is their head.

Aries is the first zodiac sign in the astrological wheel. They are swift thinkers, passionate, and outgoing. The erogenous zone for an Aries is their head. Now, how to make use of this information?

If you have an Aries as your partner, make sure to pull their hair when indulging in oral sex or copulation. They will go crazy and you can even calm them down from the high when they orgasm after caressing the back of their hair with your fingers.


The erogenous zone for a Taurus is the neck and throat region.

When it comes to sex, your Taurus partner will appreciate your kisses over their neck, down to their throat. A little nibbling and a little tickling will make the experience more playful for them. Taurus are sensual creatures who will appreciate new inventive ideas in the bedroom.

This weekend, you can even blow on their throat or even choke them a bit if you are into BDSM. Make sure to communicate while you are having sex.


The erogenous zone for a Gemini is the shoulders, lungs, arms, and hands.

Gemini being an air sign loves fluttery kisses from their partner. They love to lie down on the bed and be kissed all over. This weekend, start to massage their shoulders, plant light kisses on them, and move to their chest area. A great way to begin the foreplay with your Gemini partner is to be attentive to their little moans and grunts as you rub their back and arms simultaneously. Take their hands, tie them behind their back, and engage in your love-making like this. They are surely going to fall in love with you even more so.


The erogenous zone for Cancer is their chest, breasts, and stomach.

The watery sign of Cancer is very sensitive in their chest region, their breasts, and their stomach. In the bedroom, a Cancer enjoys being stroked and played with. If you have a female Cancer zodiac partner, make sure to part their thighs and stroke their stomach for a while. This will make them aroused. With soft little kisses, move your hands to their breasts and stroke them. Your partner is going to love it.

If you have a male Cancer zodiac partner, stroke their tummy as they are very sensitive there. With light feathery touches, after the foreplay is over, try the riding position so they can see their breasts with you atop them.


The secret erogenous zones for a Leo are the area around their heart and upper back.

Leos are ruled by the heart and are often courageous and confident in their convictions. In the bedroom, they like their partner to stroke the left side of their chest slowly as the duo lounge together on a sofa or their bedroom. If you have had a Leo friend, you might have noticed how they complain of heart palpitations. It is because that area for them is sensitive. Slowly, raise your fingers and massage their upper back. This will get them in the mood. This weekend, you can even oil up their body and stroke their upper back. After fondling and kissing, their arousal would be so much that the quality of sex will increase ten folds.


A Virgo’s erogenous spots are the abdomen and digestive system.

If you have a friend in your social circle who is a Virgo, after a day of eating out, they must have complained about a bloated tummy. It is because the abdomen and digestive system of a Virgo are sensitive. In the bedroom, this weekend, make sure to plant a lot of kisses on your partner’s tummy and spend some time licking and caressing the skin. This will make them feel so aroused that they will just close their eyes and let you do whatever you want to do with them.

Ice play is even recommended with your Virgo partner.


For a Libra, their kidney and anus are two of the most erogenous spots them.

Libras are very curious and want to try butt stuff in the bedroom. It is because their anus forms one of the most erogenous areas for them. If you have a Libra as your partner, caress their ass and even spank them so they feel the tingling and the burning sensation dancing on their skin. They will even love it if you can penetrate their anus and rub the area around their thighs.

Libras are very curious individuals. Make sure to communicate clearly with your partner for awesome Weekend sex with one another.


The Genitals are Scorpio’s erogenous zone.

Scorpios have a notorious reputation of being the most sexual and horny out of all the Zodiacs. It is a bit of a stereotype as people expect the Scorpios to be like horndogs. It is not so. A good spending time with their genitals is a way to make your Scorpio partner aroused and horny for you. Lick, suck, kiss, repeat is the key recipe for having the best time of your life with a Scorpio.

Scorpios are also at the risk of contracting STD’s so make sure to use a condom while having sex.


A Sagittarius’ erogenous zones are their hips and thighs.

Most of the Sagittarius never say no when it comes to dancing. They love to swirl their hips, dance it all out. If you have a Sagittarius female partner, make sure to grab her by her thighs and onto your lap. This will switch on the animal instinct and put the fuck into action at a very rapid pace.


Knees and Bones are Capricorn’s erogenous zones.

If you have a Capricorn as a partner, make sure to focus on their knees while you both make love in your bedroom this weekend. A slow and sensual caressing over their knee cap and fluttering of the fingers across their thighs to knees with mild pressure is bound to make wet their knickers.

Capricorns are known to be one of the hardest-working signs of the Zodiacs. So when they can finally have a day to relax and you happen to be in their company and have them as your partner, knees are one part of their body which you should know gets them in the horniest moods possible.


The erogenous Zones of an Aquarius are Calves, Shins, and Ankles.

The Water-bearer zodiac sign is somebody who likes to do things out of the blue and is very offbeat. If you have a partner who is an Aquarius, you must know about their quirky traits and rebellious side. In the bedroom, one way to make them aroused is to pay attention to their calves, shins, and ankles. Light stroking and tapping of your fingers on these spots of theirs will make them roll their eyes and curl up their toes. Do not just stop there. This weekend, in the bedroom, during foreplay, try out the 69 positions with them and start by kissing their ankles and up to their calves. Oh, they are going to love it for sure.


Feet is THE erogenous spot for a Pisces.

Many Pisces do not know that they have a foot fetish. They are only able to discover it when they are sexually active with their partner. This weekend, woo your Pisces partner and make them squeal in ecstasy by massaging their toes and licking their foot a little. If they give you a nod ahead, make sure to continue it so you can see them spread themselves on the mattress and all under your surrendering touch.

We hope that you're inspired by reading these erogenous articles and employ these techniques as they have been proven by Astrology and will make your sex life even more enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for? Get planning for this weekend's love-making!