Weekend Sex Horoscope for All Zodiacs Signs

Weekend Sex Horoscope for All Zodiacs Signs

Astrology is a great tool to know about the future and you can pump up yourself when you know what to expect. This time, we came up with the upcoming 1st and 2nd May Homosexual’s weekend sex horoscope for all zodiac signs.

The world is quarantining so use this free time with your beau to spice up your romantic life. It doesn’t matter if you like boys, girls, both, anyone on the gender spectrum or no one but you got to agree that all people know about the LGBTQ community starts from “Brokeback Mountain” and ends at “Call me by your name”.

Pepper in some “Carol” and “Blue is the warmest color” for extra measure and the knowledge ends there. Pitiful! Because the secrets of LGBTQ sex are much deeper and not talked about a lot.  

So, we decided to be the flag bearer of telling people about it (it’s about time someone does) and unite the stars with the weekend drive you may have. Jazz up the world with the help of stars.

We present to you the upcoming weekend sex horoscope for all zodiac signs.


Aries transgender's are ruled by mars and all mars know about is the raw lust and desire. The effect of mars can surely be felt in the bedroom. This weekend you will have the animalistic approach towards your partner. Your energy is sucking but persuasive.

You take your decisions in heat of the moment. Aries likes to take charge, whatever the gender is. They like being in total control of their niche and their partners. They have incredible stamina and that is liked by their partner. They find everything to be urgent and on the spur of the moment.

This might be a good time for you to follow your impulses and let your heart guide you after what you desire. Communication is the key. If you have specific kinks in mind to share with your partner, it is a high possibility that your partner would like it too. If they do not like what you have to share, keep your calm and try what they like.

The Aries has alpha traits in them and at times they do not let the partner talk freely. Try your best that this does not happen in your relationship. Communication is liked by everyone and if you have any kinks, it will be great if your partner knows about them too.


They are all about aesthetics. They would rather have a slow session in their bedroom with their loved one than share a quickie. This is not surprising because they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Love does not happen in a moment.

The Taurus personalities know the difference between infatuation and love. This does not mean that Taurus is beige and boring in bed. Quite the opposite, they are one of the most daring signs the zodiac can offer. Only they need a certain amount of trust in their partner before they can show their true side.

Knowing a Taurus Homo or Gay men is like opening a complex puzzle. They are like Joey from friends. Food or sex? Can’t decide. So, if you want to make your weekend spicier (pun intended!) discover your hidden kinks related to food. Ice-cream, vanilla, whipping cream, use your imagination to the finest.

Taurus likes the general feelings of touch, sound, and taste. They love being the damsel in distress in the bed, and once they are comfortable with their partners, they love losing control of their senses. Now that you have this knowledge use this for your benefit this weekend.


Guided by the dual personalities of the twins they are the a-la-carte person in bed. They are the tricksters of all zodiac signs and do not feel shame in telling openly what they like and other zodiacs are jealous of this trait. They are ruled by Mercury and they give more importance to mind over matter.

Power Play games in bed with Gemini is not a surprise to anyone. They love experimenting and this weekend seems to be a good time to explore the book of LGBTQ Kamasutra and find new kinks.

They focus more on foreplay than the actual action and love teasing other people, due to their trickster tendencies. They know the power and value of seduction and don’t jump straight to sex. The power of words is not lost to their philander mind and they know how to use this power.

They are masters in dirty talk and they know how to keep it fun and light at the same time. They do not lose patience and this weekend it is highly probable for you and your partner to indulge yourself in some fun activity that will lead you straight to the bedroom before you know it.


Gay Cancer's are a star sign that is most caring and nurturing of all. They genuinely care for their partners and keep their needs first. They are very sensitive and understanding and do not jump to conclusions. They have deep fantasies that they reveal only when they trust their partners. This star sign is ruled by the moon and just like the various phases of the moon, nothing in what they do is permanent.

They focus more on pleasing their partners and seeing their overall well-being. This does not mean they liked being dominated. They never make the first move in the bed, but once they open up to their partner, they find new and creative ways to satisfy them.

This weekend might be a bit busy for you so try taking out some time for you and your partner while you can. Take a deep dive into your fantasies and share them with your partner. There is a high chance you may like roleplaying so take out some moments in your hectic life and try that this weekend.

Another thing you can do is talking about the things you like and what your partner likes so that you two have a shared sense of security between you which is liked by all cancer personalities and it will help you to deepen your bond.     


Homo Leo's are the royals of the bedroom since they have multiple factors as their consorts to help them. First, they are a fire sign, this gives them a nudge towards the hotness scale and second, they are ruled by the sun which increases the temperature in bed.

They are very passionate but can be selfish lovers at times. Though some people may like it, many do not. So this weekend make a note to find some time to communicate with your partner regarding what they want from you. This changed attitude will be liked by them.

Leo likes creativity and connection. The eyes tell all the story in the case of Leo. They are the royals and as a result, hate to get any orders. Leo follows the ideas of Sisyphus and does not care if the foreplay is the same and depends on the partner to introduce new ideas.

Use this weekend to take the initiative in this end and try to know what your partner likes. This will also help you to try something new. This weekend try using scents and oils to give your partner a great massage to show them how much you care about them. 


The Oueer virgins! Quite opposite to the name and deceiving too. Do not make the mistake of thinking of them as a naïve playdate. They rather practice love with themselves than be with someone who does not click with them. They are very shy about sex and related topics. They can rarely be heard about being physical. Virgo's do not like talking about sex and some even think it to be repulsive. They can come off as prudish at times.

They are not particularly interested in physical displays of love and would rather spend their time talking with the one they adore. Sexuality is a spectrum and some Virgo's tend to be on the asexual and aromatic sides too which is valid. So do not ignore your feelings this weekend and force yourself to be someone you are not. Being comfortable in your skin is of utmost importance.

Try exploring different sides of what you like and what you do not like. You don’t have to dedicate yourself completely to any aspect. This weekend could be a great time for experimentation with yourself and with your partner with their consent. This weekend can be used to make some good memories. 


They are the flirts of the zodiac signs. Their sexual awakening was probably when they were kids and they knew at that time itself they are not straight. They describe the word- coquettish in the actual form. They are Venus by nature and derive a lot of qualities from this planet. They keep their hearts on their sleeve and spread free love. They like being surrounded by beauty in all forms, which is not surprising as they are ruled by the goddess Aphrodite.

All libra lesbians aim to find a balance in everything they do and the act of lovemaking is no exception. They do not like being without their partners as they feel that their partners balance them out. This weekend use your time to indulge in your fantasies with your partner. If you feel a bit let down with your sexual life, communicate with your partner and find a common ground. You can gift them presents that can help you people in bed.  

Libra can often come as indecisive in many aspects of their life and this can frustrate their partners. So it is high time if you talk to your partner this weekend about what they like and what you can change in the bedroom. Rather than making it a boring conversation, be creative with the conversation itself.


Scorpio Homosexuals & Pansexuals are ruled by their emotions and their playfulness. They are very passionate and like foreplay. They are always ready to experiment and open to new experiences. If you have something new in mind, go for it just be consensual about it.

Love and trust go hand in hand for a Scorpio and if they like to talk during sex, it’s more romantic than dirty. They like the feeling of touch and do not like getting their hands tied. The secret that Scorpio has is they love all the cheesy and romantic activities but pretend that they do not. They are big hopeless romantic in the heart but rarely show it in fear of getting their hearts broken. If you have mutual trust with your partner let your heart open.

Just be you, and let them accept you as you are because you are perfect. It is a great time this weekend to get down with your partner or on them and discuss. They might have something up their sleeve you might have no idea about. Try looking at the situation from a new perspective.  


The award for most sensual signs goes to Sagittarius Gay Men. They love adventure and the element of surprise each drive can bring. They have the prime influence of Jupiter on them which makes them very romantic. They are epicurean by nature and take decisions by their lower head at times.

They are highly energetic in their form and like experimenting more than other star signs. They say yes to most of the kinks that their partner has because of this reason. They play with all or nothing and tend to leave the partner if they get bored in the relationship. This weekend keeps the energy of the bedroom alive and dedicates lots of time inside. Use your time to explore new stuff from the Internet keeping it safe and sane.

The gay sag’s are not focused on the physical technicalities but are thoughtful of the overall ambiance. They focus on the intensity and the strength and keeping it fresh! They hate everything tacky and garish. This weekend seems to be a good time to take a different route to all things causal and share a quickie while exploring new places in your house to spice it up.


Capricorn is guided by the planet Saturn and this can make them rigid and inflexible in their mindset. Once the Capricorn Queer is free of the self-imposed inhibitions, they are a very different person in bed. They like going by the rules and it is hard for them to break the chain but they are open to new ideas and like spicing up in bed. They like being complemented by their partners and shower their partner with compliments too.

This weekend seems to be a good time to share your positive feelings and telling them how much you adore them. The compliments can be used as foreplay to raise the temperature. The likes of visual seduction are on the charts so you can use this time to gift them new clothes that you think might look good on them.

Try experimenting and getting something they would not think of buying themselves. You might like dominating your partner in bed, if this is the case ask your partner if they would like such a scene. You have a rigid exterior behind which you are quite flexible. So use this weekend to open up, if you feel comfortable. It is okay to be vulnerable at times if you feel right.


The ruler of this star sign is the planet Uranus. The sex life is like a roller coaster for this star sign. Either the top of the very bottom, never stable or this is because their mood swings from left to right in seconds.

They can be very curious and liberated in bed. They do not confine themselves to the traditions and old ideas when it comes to sex and is very open-minded. Creative turns them on because they hate routine.

So, this weekend it could be good if you think out of the box and the bedroom and try something new. Kissing and cuddling is a good idea for foreplay and Aquarius bisexuals in general likes pillow talk. They like new stuff and techniques at times toys to try out. So it will be a splendid idea if you make use of this weekend for buying new stuff for your bed to spice up your sex life.


Who does not like Pisces Intergender? Nobody that’s who.

This may be the last zodiac sign but they are far away from being the last in the matters of sex.

This star sign is ruled by Neptune and shown by two fishes. The dual nature of the fishes can be seen in their sexual nature. The dual nature does not signify being bisexual but being unleashed and confined at the same time.

They are very complex with their feelings and overthink even the most mundane of stuff, and sex is not an exception. They can feel that sincerity is scary, and tend to fall in love each night with someone new but when they are loyal, they are in the relationship to the core. This weekend would be a great time for being relaxed getting a spa and indulging yourself in all the goodness of ease and spooning with your partner.

Use this weekend to paint the world rainbow. Remember the golden rule of Safe sane and consensual and do not forget to communicate with your partner because it is underrated and very Hawt!