Hey guys and girls, what are your weekend plans? Well, stop looking out for some new clubs and lounges as we have the perfect intimate mood made up for you. Spot on your zodiacs and look for your sexual predictions this weekend and enjoy your desires and intimate moments with utmost grace and calm. Have a look at these zodiac signs and their weekend plans. 


Its fair to say that youve been busy recently and have had a lot of things on your plate. It is difficult for you to take time for yourself for some time now and that has stopped you from being physical. This year youve put your sexual needs on the back burner for some reason or another as you havent had the chance to take time for yourself. As an Aries, you are constantly worried about your friends and family, because, duh!! You over-stress yourself when it comes to your loved one, but this weekend you are thinking a little about change. 

You have realized that you need to take time out for yourself as you deserve it and this weekend is your time to start things up. The physical experience will be romantic or casual in nature as you just need to get that stress out. It's high time that you think about your needs instead of others for a change. Dont worry about it as your experience will be worth the wait and will make you feel a certain kind of way. 


Speaking of bulls in here, let us tell you that they are nothing but dependable, intelligent, and smart in almost all of their actions as well as reactions. We know that you probably need to have a great personality or a big bank balance would also work if you think of dating a Taurus zodiac and this not because they love spending money or something. But this is just because they are exotic and high maintenance. Speaking of these exotic bulls and their weekend plans, well it seems like mars in your sun sign are all set to raise your sex drive. 

But we would like to suggest that you better not make any passionate weekend plans with someone in specific as you are likely to fall into some unpredictable arms. Confused right? Well, let us simply it a bit for you, it seems like you are likely to catch feelings for someone totally opposite of your taste and choice. But who cares? Having variety and options is always good to spice things up a little, so yes you are all scheduled to try something new and spunky under the sheets with not your usual partner. 


As we begin to speak of the Gemini zodiac, let us tell you that they are quite the unpredictable ones and as for their love life in this month of April and especially for the weekend they are likely to get a little confused about their choices. Usually, your practical nature helps you keep a balance between your hookup lists and your life relationships. But as for this weekend you seem a little off track, well littlewould be an understatement though, so you really need to figure out your needs and expectations. 

Speaking of needs, your physical and sexual attraction also seems to be a little stuck, as you always have a million thoughts running in that brain of yours, so amidst such chaos it is sure is hard for you to make any decisions regarding love and commitment. You might just look out and crave some meaningless sex, or you are also likely to get attracted to your male best friend or maybe not, your tinder matches might not impress you that much. So, all in all, this weekend is all about figuring out that whether you want some steamy and sensuous one-on-one sexual interaction with your partner or you want to try something and someone new. Decide for yourself, and treat yourself accordingly. 


Well, before we start talking about the cancer zodiac, let us give you all a little disclaimer that they are full of emotional waves and feelings. So, you better not expect some no strings attached one-night stands from them. But then again, you never know what circumstances put you through. Speaking of the cancer zodiac and their weekend plans, it seems your love life is all set to turn up that heat. You have always been craving for intimate and emotional attraction with your partner, so this is the time that you are likely to receive all of this in one go. 

And who are we kidding? You Cancerians need an emotional attachment and understanding with your partner in order to actually have fun while under the sheets. Also, you really to make sure of the fact that you better not take any hasty decisions that might make you end up in someone elses room. So, kindly make sure that you think through all your moves before regretting them the next morning. You better not try to change your emotional streak as the fling lifestyle does not really suit you. 


Well Leos being the ones always on the throne, always prefer to be occupied and concentrated towards their possible sex and their emotional intimacy with their changing partners. Speaking of the upcoming weekend and their sexual possibility, let us state the possibility out that for the ones whore in a relationship you are likely to take our relationship to the next level (if you know what I mean, *wink*). An as for the ones whore single let us tell you that your life is even more spiced up this weekend. 

A cute and hot colleague might approach you and ask you out on a date, so get ready for things to get all sparked and spiced up. And if we were, to sum up, your weekend in like just one word then that definitely will be, HOT!!! And this weekend will also act s a great insight and guidance for yourself as your sexual experiences might help explore and learn more about your own sexual desires and preferences. So, all in all, love and sexual intimacy walk in hand in on your upcoming weekend, get ready for all the fun that awaits you. 


Virgos are well prepared for any situation in advance and like it that way only but some surprises may be on the way. Your partner wants to be the one who has the upper hand this time. Throughout your experiences, you are the one to plan and arrange different things but not this time as your partner has got your back. Things are about to get spicy in the bedroom. 

For a long time, your focus has been on your work and your partner is occupied with different things. In case youre single, it is because you havent had time to meet new people in a while but dont worry about that as you have been avoiding some people for a long time who are really interested in you.


Confidence is like the biggest and one of the greatest strengths of the Libra zodiacs, and when it comes to flirt and being extroverts, they will never shy away. Libras are always up for initiating a conversation that might end up in makeup or even something more. But as for the upcoming weekend, we sense a little dry spell for the Libras, now this sure is something to worry a little about. Moreover, apart from all these aspects, it seems like your actual expressions and emotions seem to take a little toll on your sexual relationships and even emotional bonds. You will probably be a little clueless regarding what you really feel and that might pose a problem. 

But again, there is nothing that a Libra cant solve, so it is just a matter of time that you liars are back on your flirting game. There might be a rough patch, for now, but who says that this is going to last? Once youre all clear about what you feel and once cursed Saturn's influence is all set to get off your luck chart then your sex life is likely to expect a major glow up and spunk very soon. So, your weekend might be a little dry, but its all fun after that, be patient enough to wait for it. 


Let us just say that it is all fiery and easy for the Scorpion this month. And especially while we talk about the upcoming weekend plans, then lets tell you that you are like always, on FIREEE!! It has never been a challenge for a Scorpio to attract anyone, as they tend to be always charming and charismatic in their flirty and sensual approach. You are all in a good mood this weekend if you're already in a relationship then you are likely to take up new and exciting road trips with your partner and spice things up.

For all the single Scorpios out there, dont worry we havent forgotten about you, as for your adventures this weekend you are all tied with options, its a hot and fiery weekend for you, you are likely to find some new and exciting matches for yourself if youre road-trippin'. So, all in all, itll be easier rude for you to make a new and exciting one-night plan, explore new sexual desires of yours, and even fulfill all your playful fantasies with your respective partners. Just get ready for a steamy and a hot shotweekend. 


It is a weird time for you as youre in a weird place in your life right now. People around you know that youve been tense and are intentionally keeping yourself out of the public eye. It is time to step out of the shadow. Usually, you have a great relationship in which your partner and yourself have an amazing time together but you being in a weird place is affecting the relationship. 

It's time to turn off your brain for a while and just go with the flow. Generally, you dont have problems with your sex life but things have been down lately. Dont worry this just might be the weekend for you. When you go out after this long, spend some time with your partner and he/she will show you a good time. Right now, you dont know how much you need that physical connect but after this weekend youll realize what you have been missing this whole time.


Way to go Capricornss!!! Now you must be wondering what is the reason behind all cheers and hooting for the Capricorn horoscope. Well, while we speak of love and sexual intimacy particularly in terms of the coming weekend, then let us tell you that your Capricorn friend or partner is going to act like a Chick magnet for the rest of the weekend. Capricorns are all in good spirits and mood as theyre feeling all gorgeous and pepped up in terms of approaching and flirting, of course. 

Somehow, when venus gets connected to mars which is undeniably the planet of libido then the doors of intimacy and heated love life might get wide open for the Capricorn horoscope. You feel extra devoted towards satisfaction and that might be the reason that you plan out a trip with your sweetheart and exegete things a little while youre away. Youre up for all kinds of goofy stuff under the sheets and that is what makes your weekend worth reminiscing. And as for the singles, even if youre feeling a little less satisfied even then you have yourself all covered up, as spunky toys and pleasuring activities might keep you occupied. So, hey Caps!! Youre all set to light that weekend on fire!!


It is an all in for lovekind of weekend for the Aquarians this time, and this is because of the fact that you are not likely to leave any such opportunity to snuggle up, continue with that foreplay with your partner. The only problem that might arise is the fact that your previous love interests might quite suddenly knock on your door and ask for solace, but this is where you need to keep yourself calm and think through a calm and feasible perspective.

As long as youre getting pleasure from your decisions and your action then it is fine for you, as you are quite extra invested towards your intimate and romantic plans with either your partner or your tinder matches, it can be either of the two. And there is also a chance that some of your hotshot and sexy fantasies might come true this weekend, so make sure that youre all set for an erotic yet romantic weekend ahead. 


Well, this coming weekend might act like a crappy yet happy one for the Pisces zodiac. the emotional capacity that the Pisces zodiac holds sure does give us an idea that they will never indulge themselves in something detached and hollow. But as for this weekend, unpredictable actions and choices are definitely on the page. 

Some old school drama might light up soon in your weekend plans, but then other than that there are some exciting and sexy plans coming towards you this weekend. In terms of intimacy, you will probably up your game and try something that you would usually not opt for. A steamy sexting sass might be on the chart, and this might also make you a little less shy and more of an extrovert. So, buckle Pisceans, as this weekend has got a to for you on that one plate.