Weekend Sex Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs For April 02 2021

Weekend Sex Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs For April 02 2021

Are you in quarantine with your partner with no plans for the weekend? Read how you can make this weekend exciting according to the sex horoscope predictions for all the zodiac signs!

A good sexual connection is as important as a strong emotional connection with a partner. Just like there are numerous sexual preferences, all the twelve zodiac signs are drawn to something or the other in the matters of sex and the body. Good sex makes a relationship even more promising! The weekend is approaching and if you do not have any plans for the weekend with your spouse, read how you can make this weekend fun for yourself and your spouse according to the weekend sex horoscope for all the zodiac signs. 


Love bites are Aries’ weakness

The latest happening in the sky was the Full Moon that occurred in the zodiac sign of Libra. Aries after the Full Moon feels experimental and adventurous with their life. Passionate and driven, Aries if you’re reading this, you might indulge in a role-play of the prey and the hunter with your significant other. Aries who are single will be feeling bold and courageous. You will tell your crush or the person you are dating how fully invested you are in them. The weekend sex horoscope foresees a lot of lovemaking, animalistic. Aries, you might be fond of giving as well as receiving love bites when having sex. There will be plenty of pillow talk with your spouse. The sex will be so good that you’d be wanting to rave about it in front of your friends, you’ll want to praise your partner’s sex skills with them. Overall, this weekend is perfect for indulging in sex that will render you feeling quite comfortable and happy in your relationship. 

Experimental Aries should try the Butterfly Sex Position; the name’s sweet but the sex is anything but sweet...


Spa before Sex sounds like a good plan to Taurus!

This weekend according to astrological insights, Mercury will be entering the sign of the Ram. The placid Taurus will find itself talking to people spontaneously, something it does not do much of. Taurus, if you felt shy before, you won’t be feeling shy anymore with this transition. Instead, you’ll be inculcating the qualities of the fiery Aries and would want to talk about sex quite openly with your partner. Your partner is going to be pleasantly surprised by this abrupt change. Single Taurus people, if you’re on a dating app, do not wait anymore and tell the person you like the most. Ask them out on a date this weekend and you’ll be surprised how things can accelerate between you two. Reserved Taurus’s will profess their love to their long-time partner. The energies for this weekend will be conducive to love-making. Sensuality will overflow, Dear Taurus, you can visit a salon or a spa just to get yourself all prepped up for the hot sex. It will be a weekend planned full of excitement. 

Sensual Taurus will want to blow their partners away! Try oral sex to ramp up your sex life, Taurus!


Gemini is open to one-night stands this weekend…

Airy Gemini will be feeling bold, impetuous, and flirtatious this weekend. Mercury entering Aries will be a supplement boosting their confidence in helping them ask people out on dates. It is impossible to gauge when a Gemini is serious. This weekend, Gemini, you’re feeling both serious and reckless at the same time. One-night stands are a possibility that might occur this weekend and you will enjoy every bit of it. Committed Geminis, everything seems to be sorted out in your life; your career, your finance, your housing, etc. Now is the time to focus on love; love will be the main priority in your life. A lot of Geminis will be planning a short trip as a surprise with their spouse to travel away from mainstream society. This trip will be very conducive for sizzling sex! Single Geminis might get many proposals. The natives will be spending much time grooming and taking care of their bodies and appearance. Gemini, you’re feeling very giving this weekend with your significant other!

The fluttery Gemini can try out the seated scissors sex position for a fulfilling sexual experience with their partner. 


Drunk dialing and ex might just be a Cancer’s niche!

Cancer, you’ve been feeling a little irritated with your love interests or whatnot. Some of the Cancerian natives might have gone through a break-up with their partner in recent months which has caused this deep-seated irritation inside of them. This ex of yours will want to contact you Cancer! Or you will be the one to contact them! It won’t be a normal call. It is most likely to be a liquor-induced call. You potentially can drink dial your ex this weekend! Do not cringe as this can be a great opportunity to reconnect with them if you wish to. Your fashion choices will be edgy and rock n roll style. If you’re committed, Cancer, trying lingerie will make you feel powerful. You’ll be feeling an innate need to dominate your partner in the bed sexually. Red lipstick and a short haircut will suit Cancerian women a lot in the summers. Your sex life this weekend Cancer will be cozy, undisturbed. You may just want to smother your partner with lots of kisses! 

The sensitive Cancer should try the kinky missionary position with their or their partner’s hands tied and eyes blindfolded! The missionary position won’t be innocent anymore…


Car sex is a possibility for all the Leos

The lion-spirited Leo is all out this weekend! In the bedroom arena, Leos are feeling eager and excited. If you’re in a committed relationship Leo, you’ll feel the need to dominate your partner. Strong eye contact and eye-winks will be well received by you. This weekend, Mercury entering Aries is just a boost to your confidence and communication skills. You’ll want to behave coquettishly, dear Leo. If you’re single and thinking of mingling with another person? Go for it! This weekend is conducive for you to try out any sexual fantasy you’ve been harboring with your partner. All the fiery Leos are willing to be adventurous. Your libido and sex drive have increased significantly. Exhibitionism and Voyeurism might be your cup of tea, Leo! Try it out this weekend! If you’re somebody who has a Leo partner by your side, make sure to shower them with compliments and physical affection. They love when they’re appreciated by their spouse and get touched. Soft caresses on their body make them very horny.

For exciting sex this weekend, try out having sex in the car, Leo! 


Imaginary sexual scenarios are up Virgo’s sleeve…

The verbally placid Virgo can expect a lot of things this weekend. It can include a fight with their significant other, resolving the same fight, and spending time much more profoundly. Virgos are often fond of reading books and dreaming about various scenarios from stories they read. If you’re reading this weekend sex horoscope Virgo, the best way to revamp your bedroom life would be to imagine the scenario you’ve imagined in your head after reading a story and making it happen in your reality. Virgos often get shy when asked questions about their sex life but with the movement of Mercury entering into the fiery sign of the Ram, they’ll be quite candid about their sex life if engaged in an open dialogue with their friends. Virgos are very flirtatious by nature but their approach to coquettish behavior is so subtle, nobody wouldn’t be able to tell if they flirted or they imagined it all. For a good and long lovemaking session with your partner Virgo, try out your hand at wearing lingerie and romanticizing your bedroom with pictures that are sexually stimulating. You can give your partner a surprise when they walk into the bedroom door by casually masturbating and then proceeding for the sex. 

The coy Virgo should try the Standing Room only position to have sex with their partner! 


Libra why haven’t you tried sex toys before?

Libra, you are the social butterfly of the zodiac signs. When it comes to the bedroom, you are willing to be frisky and playful. Be it solo or with your partner, you love openness and candidness regarding sexual matters. This weekend will be good to communicate your ideas regarding how you view your partner in the relationship. If you’ve been busy with almost less to no time to devote to your relationship, now is the moment for you to spend quality time with your spouse. No matter how old a Libra gets, they remain playful and childlike in their personality throughout their life. So, make use of this playfulness Libra to spend this weekend. Libra, invest in some bedroom accessories like a strap-on, a dildo, etc. to make your sex life much more adventurous and thrill-seeking. Your spouse should be on the same page with you. Libras get aroused when they see their partner be pleasured. If you’re somebody who will be okay with a threesome or group sex just to see their partner getting penetrated or vice versa, it is something new to try out this weekend. With Mercury entering Aries, you’re already feeling bold, why not assume it to your bedroom door too?

The playful Libra should have sex in the shower with a partner before starting their weekend morning! 


A Scorpio is a switch

The intense Scorpio is feeling very adventurous this weekend. With matters related to family, career, finance, etc. everything is stable and decent. Scorpios can feel stifled when wanting to discuss sexual matters with potential dates or their long-term partners. Scorpios desire a deep emotional connection with somebody before they can venture out into having sex with them. Some may disagree with this statement but it is a matter of fact. Scorpios need to feel a sense of familiarity before they engage with them on a sexual level. The time of familiarity does not matter to them. They just want to strike a deep emotional connection. Dear Scorpio, if you’re thinking of spicing up your love life with your spouse this weekend, it is best if you communicate with them about their desires and fantasies. You may get surprised by the similarity of your and their sexual desires. Now that the Full Moon is over, the energy of this weekend will be encouraging for you to make a Scorpio move! Scorpios like dominating their partner and being dominated in return. They tend to switch between both roles almost skilfully. 

The classic Doggy-Style position is perfect for our charming Scorpios!


Solo time for a Sag seems like a fun weekend!

Sagacious Sagittarius is very open regarding all the aspects of their life. They do not wish to hide anything from the world and consider themselves like an open book. Some may wish to disagree but Sagittarius being a fire sign is already bold enough to feign any kind of pretense. Sagittarius if you’re reading how your weekend sex life would be, then you will be surprised to find out how you’re blocking it to be as exciting as possible Sagittarius is often fickle-minded when it comes to matters of love. It takes them time to fully agree to a committed relationship with anybody as they are wandering souls trying who love to try out innovative things. So, if you’re not in a relationship with Sagittarius, you can spend this weekend trying to figure out what you like and what you don’t like sexually. You could spend some time with yourself in your room and get naked in front of the mirror. Check out yourself dear Sagittarius like you check out everybody else! Admire your body and your looks and get ready for a solo session! 

The courteous Sag should try masturbating in front of a mirror. This could be the hottest loving oneself moment of your life! 


A striptease might just be in Capricorn’s alley

Capricorns are very secretive about their sex life and their preferences. If you have a Cap friend, you’ll know what we’re talking about. It is not that they are secretive intentionally. They just feel that the other person would not be able to handle their bluntness when asked about explicit scenes in their life. Capricorn if you wish to make this weekend the best having sex weekend, let loose and do not worry about the blunt tongue you possess. Make use of this bold and courageous energy emanating in this Aries season to tell your partner about your likes and dislikes. You do not have to be physically close with them. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can video call and plan a little sex-savoring moment for the weekend. It could include both of you stripping naked for one another or using sex toys to make the other person hot and horny. 

Serious Capricorns should relax and let their partner dominate them in the bedroom. You all are going to love it! 


The bedroom is a sacred space for Aquarius

The fun-loving Aquarius is one of the zodiac signs who’s willing to try out almost everything with their partner. Their relationship with their partner is not just based on mutual attraction. Instead, they only like to be in a relationship where they can share their space with their partner like a best friend as well as a spouse. Thus, having the friendship element is very important to them to feel secure and comfortable in a relationship. The energies are tipping off for an Aquarius! Make your move on your love interest this weekend. If they’re consenting as well, it will be a wonderful weekend full of night-long cuddles, sex, and taking baths together. Most Aquarius is the switch kind of characters in their bedroom where they’re willing to dominate their partner as per their consent and be dominated in return. A bedroom is a sacred space for them to explore their sexuality as well as freedom. 

The freedom-loving Aquarius should try out the 69 positions with their partner for a thrilling experience of sex!


Pisces are fond of roleplaying

The sweet and gentle Pisces are not so sweet and gentle as people consider them to be. They love having sex in different positions with their partners of choice. Pisces love to be dominated in the bedroom with the use of handcuffs. If you're a Pisces partner, do not be surprised if they love movies like Fifty Shades of Grey. Pisces are usually submissive by nature. They’re willing to surrender themselves in the bedroom to their partner as well. But if need be, they can assume the role of a dominant and carry it out perfectly. Fond of roleplaying and setting up scenarios, Pisces are thrill-seeking and adventurous in matters related to sex. To make this weekend sexually fulfilling Dear Pisces, revamp your clothing style and wear tight accented clothes to arouse your partner. 

The tender-hearted Pisces sure craves a deeper connection with their partner. Try out face to face position to have sex by hopping on the lap of your partner and looking into each other’s eyes.


If you do not have any plans for the weekend, do try out all the suggestions according to the sex horoscope for all the zodiac signs for a fun weekend. There’s nothing to feel ashamed of when it comes to matters related to sex. So, make use of the Mercury entering into the sign of Aries, dear Zodiacs for better communication with your spouse and improve your sex life accordingly.