Weekend Sex Horoscope - 14th May 2021

Weekend Sex Horoscope - 14th May 2021

Couples or two people in love try to find time for one another whenever they can the best. The time spent with our significant others is so special, it empowers us to sail through any rough patch we tread on in life. However, maintaining that alone time in a relationship is quite important for the benefit of both individuals. Astrology is a tool that can also be used to figure out the sexual compatibility and horoscope predictions about a Zodiac Sign and how they will behave in a bedroom. Now, when you have been with your partner for a while, you know their little antics and tactics of arousal, of foreplay, of the voice, of slutty behavior, etc.

This article is going to focus on the Weekend Sex Horoscope predictions for all the twelve Zodiac Signs from Aries to Pisces and what additionally they can do in the bedroom with the full consent of their partner for a richer sexual experience together. Let us take a look at all the Zodiac Signs and their Weekend Sex Horoscope!


Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac Wheel of the twelve signs. Being the first sign, Aries is endowed with prowess none like the other. These people are courageous, bold, and spontaneous with everything they do and encounter in their life. Represented by the Ram, Aries like to be playful in the bedroom and can switch their personalities from being dominant to submissive in a jiffy. They treat their bedroom as a space so scared that should only enrich their relationship with their partners.

This Weekend, Aries, you have the best opportunity to spend time with your partner if you’ve been too busy at the workplace. The sex does not have to be quick or explosive like you like it. Rather, this weekend, you should take it slow and savor every little happening that occurs in the bedroom and heal your heart and body with it. Whisper sweet nothings to your partner so they blush and curl their toes even more as the delectable union happens.


Taurus is the second sign in the Zodiac Wheel of the twelve signs in total. The Element of the Earth rules Taurus which makes them crave simple things in life, preventing the need for extravagance or showing off. But the lack of extravagance does not mean they do not enjoy being sensual. Taurus enjoys being sensual the most and showcases love to their partners in how they hold their hands around their waist, sweet gentle touches, and whatnot. Represented by the Bull, Taurus likes being powerful in the bed.

This weekend, Taurus, you would love to spend time decorating yourself a little more for an enriching love-making session with your partner. What we mean by decorating is, you’d be devoting extra time to groom and trim yourself before you bare yourself entirely to your partner. What goes next, would delight your heart as both of you would be lost in one another and trying out different sexual positions. This weekend is a great time for experimenting.


Gemini is the third sign is ruled by the Element of the Air. Gemini may seem hard to please but this is far from the truth. If you have a Gemini partner, you know how talking stimulates them so much that the evidence of their arousal would be present in no time.

This weekend is a great time for you Gemini, to try out different sexual escapades and scenarios with your partner, both of you in different characters. Gentle kisses on your shoulder and your nape raise goosebumps on you Gemini. What you could do with your partner this weekend is to communicate clearly what you wish to try with each other, be it doggy style on the sofa or the kitchen table, and make sure to let your partner know how much dirty talking arouses you exceedingly.


This weekend is going to be extra filthy for you, Dear Cancer. Being the Water Sign, you enjoy things slow and steady. You do not wish to rush into anything when you are planning to have sex with your partner. Rather, you want to draw it long and be lost in your partner’s eyes with brief kisses on the lips and the shoulders. According to Astrology, your most erogenous zone is your breasts if you are a woman, and chest if you are a man. This weekend, make sure to let your partner know how much you like your breasts being suckled as a part of the foreplay before the real action begins.

For extra filthiness, roleplaying would be the best option for you to indulge in your fantasies and make them come to reality with your partner, Dear Cancer.


Represented by the Lion, Leo is a Fire sign that enjoys attention on them all the time. They wish to be the center of attention. Similarly, they like to be the apple of their partner’s eyes. During Sex, Leos are pretty loud and attention-gathering. Their sexual fantasies are varied and for the best sexual experience, they must communicate clearly with their partner. What most people do not know is that Leo can be submissive too as long as their partner is willing, open, and is not judgemental towards their sexual fantasies.

This weekend Leo, surprise your spouse or your partner by romanticizing your bedroom and decorating it with rose petals, a few candles, and an aromatic room freshener. If you enjoy taking a bath together, you can cajole your partner to join you for a quick shower or a bath and rinse off the dirt together before hopping on the bed and making mad love all night.


Virgo is a very placid Earth sign who enjoys aesthetics and beauty of all kinds. Normally, non-judgemental, Virgos during sex make great partners who would make sure that their partners are pleased before they are. Virgos like to be completely inhibited during sex and wish their partners to be the same so the sex is natural and all beautiful, devoid of negative emotions. Gentle caresses across their chin and nape are what arouses a Virgo the most.

This weekend, take some time out and plan how you wish to have sex with your partner, Dear Virgo. Spend a little money on buying Lingerie if you like to spice up the atmosphere of your bedroom and draw your partner completely in your charm. At the same time, you could also be using sex toys like a Vibrator, or a Dildo, for a more stimulating experience when you let loose and grind on your partner.


Libra is known to be the peacemaker out of all the Zodiac Signs. Libra is ruled by the Element of the Air and is represented by the symbol of the Scales. Libras have a hard time letting themselves completely loose as control over their surroundings makes them feel safe and sound. This is completely untrue contrary to what they believe in. Libra as partners can be shy in voicing out their real sexual fantasies in fear of getting judged. So, they need a partner who is unconventional to society’s standards and is willing to explore the sexual den with them.

According to Astrology, the erogenous zone of a Libra is their Anus. This weekend, try to be clear about what you want Dear Libra. Do a little shimmy or laugh it loud when you tell your partner you want to try butt stuff. Do not be in fear of their rejection. They might be interested in it too. Be comfortable as long as it endures and you’d be screaming out in pleasure when it finally works.


Scorpio is a pretty interesting sign to write Weekend Sex Horoscope on. Being a Water Sign, Scorpio has a natural penchant to explore deeper mysteries of life and sex is a part of life as well. Scorpios are inhibited when it comes to sex and wish to experience it as intensely as possible. If you are a Scorpio male, you might have a reputation of being called a Womanizer but it is far away from the truth. Scorpio females are intense and mysterious too to others. According to Astrology, the most erogenous zone of a Scorpio is their genitals only.

This Weekend, Scorpio, you can try out a little dancing to arouse your partner or give them lap dancing. This would let your genitals be in use even before sex and would give a great start for arousal to gather and you to be lost in the scrumptious suspension of the intercourse.


Sagittarius is the Zodiac Sign which is ruled by the Element of Fire and is known as the adventurer. Sagittarius people have a notorious reputation of being single for a long time before they decide to settle down with their partner. According to Astrology, the most favorite, erogenous, and sensitive part of a Sagittarius is the hips and upper legs. There is just something that draws them the most to these portions of the body. If you have a Sagittarius partner, you many times must have noticed them drawing you close to their body by pulling your buttocks.

This weekend, as per the weekend sex horoscope, it is advised for a Sagittarius to invest in some dirty clothing that shows their butt cheeks and be cheeky outwardly. This would arouse you and your partner at the same time, Dear Sagittarius. It would create a platform of sensuality before the real action even begins and for you to feel proud of the way you can make your partner go crazy with a single jiggle of your cheeks.


Capricorn is an Earth sign which thrives and functions in the world being in control and power. They are known to be some of the hardest working Zodiac Signs out of all twelve. For them, work comes first before any forth licking to take place. According to Astrology, the most sensitive area of a Capricorn’s body is their knees. The most wonderful way to completely bring them to their knees is to change the power dynamics of the bedroom when you have a Capricorn partner. They may not admit it but they would like it secretly.

Since Capricorn is such a boss in public life and very little they reveal about their private life to others, it would be amazing if you can bring your Capricorn partner in a reverse role in the bedroom and bring this sea-goat to their knees. As per the Weekend Sex Horoscope, Capricorn, you should let your guard down and be open to change in the bedroom. Try being submissive in the bed which could include pegging, and experiment as much as possible. You would be surprised to find out the results.


Also infamously known as the Water-Bearer, Aquarius is the last Air Sign in the Zodiac Circle who is known to be a little too eccentric. Prizing their freedom and liberty at the topmost, this sign is hard to get a hold of since they try to avoid getting in relationships because of the fear of getting their freedom snatched away from themselves. This weekend, Dear Aquarius, you should be out of your revolution mode and be patient in hearing your inner voice holding your desires and sexual fantasies. According to Astrology, the most erogenous and sensitive part of an Aquarius body is their calves and ankles.

So, as per the Weekend Sex Horoscope, it is advised for you Aquarius to try out the Sit on The Throne Position if you are an Aquarius female. This position will allow you greater control over what you can do to your partner while you face away from him and sit on his member by grinding your hips. This position would make you gasp and orgasm a little too fast. The second position to try is to Take a Kneel position if you are an Aquarius Male. This position includes the man enters his partner in a missionary style from the perpendicular position by lifting his partner’s legs. Both of these positions would allow the use of calves and the touching of ankles, inducing the sexual magic swirling in the air.


Ah, being the last one of the Zodiac, Pisces is a Water Sign which runs high on emotions and sentiments. Represented by the symbol of The Fish, Pisces are hard to please in the bedroom as they can a little unsure themselves of what they want in the bedroom. However, a strong emotional connection is what a Pisces requires to their partner to be completely devoted to sex and the little activities of foreplay that would make them orgasm again and again. According to Astrology, the most sensitive and arousing zone of a Pisces individual is their feet.

So according to the Weekend Sex Horoscope, you can experiment with getting your toes licked and sucked by your partner, Dear Pisces. There is nothing weird in exploring one’s sexuality if you are afraid of being called out as the odd one out. Rather, your partner would enjoy you being vocal and open about your desires and your fantasies. The sex position to try for a stimulating and enriching sexual experience is the Woman on Top Position. This position is similar to the Cowgirl where the female is on top of her partner and lies chest to chest making love, almost like an inverted missionary position. This would enhance your confidence and bring your guard down with being involved in lovemaking with your partner. Sex toys would be a great addition too.

We hope that you enjoyed reading your Weekend Sex Horoscope. It would awesome if you can employ these sex suggestions inference from Astrology and for you as an individual to reach the height of your orgasm and enjoy the sex with your partner for a longer duration. Sex is not something to take the enjoyment out of. Rather, it is about sharing and a union of two bodies. If you listen to your bodies and each other, no wonder people would be envying your sex life!