Wedding Bells Around the Corner!- Tarot Cards and their Marriage predictions

Are you worried about your marital future? And are you willing to get some detailed insight about how what and when in terms of making your current relationship an official one? If the answer to both these questions is a yes, then you should probably think of considering the charms of tarot cards. So, let us have a look at the list of tarot cards that highlight marriage predictions. 

Ace of cups

To begin with we have the Ace of cups as our first and foremost approach towards love and an official union of the two love birds. This card in the tarot is quite a positive one, so if you have been waiting for some sort of validation about your love interests then this is it!! You have found the perfect match my friends and now is the time to make things official amidst the two of you.

Look closely into the cup love birds because this cup represents your emotional and creative capabilities in terms of your relationship. This card is more or less a symbol that your wait is over and you have found your one true love and probably it is time for some wedding bells to ring in. Because this card is all about pure and divine relationships, balance, and most importantly and sacred bonds and unions.


Yup, you got it right, this card is all about contract-based legal affairs. Now be it love or any other law-related matter, this card tends to cover it all. If you are expecting that this card will probably help you make any decisions regarding your love life, then I’m sorry to disappoint you buddy but you’re asking for too much here. As per what the name suggests the card depicts the same meaning and there is no hidden catch here.

Structure and balance are what the Justice cards pitches. This card sure does give you a heads up related to your love matters, but only matters like if you’re thinking of moving in together, signing up for a joint account, or officially getting married, then such legal contracts are stated out by the justice card in tarot readings.

Two of cups

Yes, we have more and more cups filled with love predictions. The two of cups is an, even more, stronger card than that of the ace of cups in terms of love, but the catch here is that this card tends to display more of the passionate and innate sensual characters of the native than their emotional capabilities.

There is a lot of fire and energy amidst the two natives, so if this card pops up in your reading then you are about to get lucky under the sheets. This one is quite a physically attractive and naughty kind of reading which helps you get attracted to your partner through the strings of physical and passion-filled character traits. So, the physical quotient is the actual catch in here.

Ten of cups

Wow!! well, now this is a pleasing scenario as this is as pure as your love life gets, the ten of cups unlike the other cards of cups, this one represents a fulfilling and pure feeling of moving forward with your family. Your beloved might already be beside you, but it is time for a family planning to knock on your doors this time.

Planning and offspring, further family planning, shifting to the home of your dreams, and living happily ever after with your tiny little fulfilling fam bam!! Your familial planning symbolizes a happy, structured, and stable environment.

Knight of cups

Yes, we are going crazy over cups today, but that is how it works. This card in the tarot is rather more of a fairytale and puppy love kind of card. If you have been waiting for your man or your woman to approach you for a proposal, so *spoiler alert* you’re going to be proposed most romantically and charmingly very soon.

The knight of cups is more and more about charming behavior, following your heart, and most importantly romantic gestures. So, get ready to swept off your feet as you’re in for a romantic life ahead.

So, all in all, the cards mentioned above mark the advent of love and magic in your life. Stay tuned for more insights about love and tarot!!

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