Travelling is exquisite. Not everyone enjoys it but equally revels in it. That is the clout of travelling. It unravels experiences and invigorates our senses. These sole feet met uncanny people across the oceans and unfolded moments that undeniably remain forever etched in our memories. A popular and dense city remains forthright with new people, cars drifting, and aspirants reaching withering heights, and surviving through the edgy process. From the cutting-edge culture to the string of pale faces trying to exchange a genial conversation with us, travelling is the only way that makes us believe that there is something meticulous beyond just the diversity of hindsight. India was born with enough rich heritages, and so is the entire world. There are days when we don’t mind muddling our soul to another city and enjoy the tidbits of it thoroughly. Locked up within the four confined walls of our house ¬– for 4 months, we realized how much travelling boasted optimistic growth surrounding our aura and pushed us into the depths of something profound, which is quite inexplicable. We have tasted every spool of city life; it pleases us often and at times makes us fit as a daisy. However, this city doesn’t feel fully comfortable fitting into our fingers, we manage, somehow; adjustments are a part and parcel of life. Though, the one thing we hate about the city we live in is the high expectations and the rut of impending news swimming across ear to ear, mouth to mouth and news to news; every day is a new lockdown here!


Ever since we came out of our mother’s womb, we knew we were made to raise the bar high, even if it just meant to pay a heavenly visit to a Parisian style store placed in the middle of a high-end street. Travelling meant the world to us irrespective of its kilometres or length. Travelling stirs rare energy, we completely revel in it as our bare hands create it. Born with a flair for dressing up, travelling seemed to be the only way in order to showcase our nearly perfect-fitted attires. By that we mean, merely curated for travelling. Just sitting in an aeroplane leaves a cast of “Goosebumps” peeking out of our feeble skin. What we love about travelling to various countries or places across the blue continents is the appealing appearance of skies leaving tangy hints as the sun takes its ‘bid-adieu’ from the sky. Blue clouds wheeling in unique shapes across the blanket of ocean-blue sky grabs our eyesight tight. But, there is an exclusivity attached to the sun-setting scenes. It differs from country to country, region to region, and oceans from oceans. Travelling seems fun to us as we abide unrestricted into the sun, changing its colours for its own purpose unknown to God and known to just itself. Imagine having built your bones and skulls under the magical skies; you would breathe, the only breath of air which is rather unaltered. What we love about a city is their rare sky and sun-setting moments that we often get lost into. 


We are a one-of-a-kind beings who tend to scan people and shops but won’t eventually make it to them. So, we relish the greatest moments in nature. Trees, all forms of trees breathe a new life inside us, life is known to us; O2 shields a protective mask bearing and enduring. We must love trees without forging grievance over the fact that how tall trees are and eat space. But, the city dusted with bushes and greens topple down a dreadful feeling. These facets subliminally create a sturdy person, we would surely not mind at all. EH? This was the first narrative we gave instances and drawn indication to our mere single existence. Beautiful lush green fields covering the heart of the land pushes our hearts tenfold where there are no limits. Travelling declares for it, whereas ‘WE’, the mere guardian angel, well, supposedly when we switch lanes to lanes and mince words from strangers to strangers, trying to make sense of an unknown language, this is how we love to explore cities to cities.