Every relationship goes through ups and downs. It is very important to be able to handle such situations properly so that the relationship does not go haywire. By knowing the traits of your partner, it will be much easier to deal with the issue and solve it without breaking a sweat.


Aries are known to be very aggressive and fierce. It can be a little scary to deal with their anger but if you know the right way to speak then you might be able to handle the situation well. When dealing with them, make sure to always keep your promise, because they do not like to be deceived.


This earth-element zodiac is very stubborn and if you happen to have a fight with them, just accept that it is your mistake and show that you accepting your partner is right. If this isn’t done, then there might be miscommunications which will give rise to future conflicts.


To deal with an angry Gemini, sending them a funny apology can be helpful. They are known to be admirers of humour thus this can prove beneficial. They appreciate straight-up and decisive actions, so they aren’t the kinds to wait for a text or phone call. So, just communicate and clear the air.


Cancerians are the most sensitive zodiac and to deal with them, you need to have lots of patience and the right choice of words and emotions. To get them back to normal, you just need to show a little love and warmth and mention their importance in your life and that is the trick required.


To make up with a Leo the most important quality is flattery. They love to feel important no matter how angry or sad they are. Making them feel wanted, special and showering them with gifts, flowers, and chocolates is just the trick that is required to get them back.


Virgos are known as the perfectionists of the zodiac lot and so to make up with them the most important thing is to have a clean language. They expect a proper apology free of curses and slangs. If your apology seems like you are buttering them, then they won’t like that either. They appreciate a logical approach.


To make up with a Libran, you should consider writing a sincere sorry-note as well as a well-framed spoken apology. For them to believe in the apology, you might need to give them assurance from time to time, physically as well as verbally. This will help keep the romance in the relationship alive.


Somewhat similar to Leos, this water-element zodiac also expects grand gestures if you are apologizing to them. They expect extreme devotion in your apology.

Though they expect such a spoken apology, they are the kind to believe in potential actions rather than just words. If they complain, take it seriously because they mean it.


This fire-element native will accept your apology if it makes them feel affable and warm. To deal with them, make sure to adopt a more open mindset.

If you want them to forgive you, you need to be one of their pals. For Sagittarius, more than romantic relationships, it’s the friendships that are more valuable, so become one.


Capricorns will want you to be honest and forthcoming. They can tell right away whether your feelings are true or not. Just apologize and try correcting yourself.

If you try to give them fake promises, they will just walk away because they do not like to play around. They believe in true actions so if possible try showing sincerity though actions.


The water-bearer feels cherished if they are called over coffee to discuss your problems. But this should only practical, as they are not the kind that gets mushy.

Do not keep any kind of secrets from them, as they will start having trust issues and stagnate the relationship. If you want to keep them, you need to be like an open book.


These people tend to get suffocated if they are constantly shown, love. They do not like too much possessiveness and demanding nature.

If you want them to recognize you truly, do not just show your love to them on special occasions but make sure to be like that on a daily basis.

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