Every individual go through their age of growing up and thus evolves in growth patterns of thoughts in their life. Situations tend to arise in life when we start to become forgetful. It all happens due to the lack of concentration at a young age and the real forgetfulness due to old age.

The instant lapse of memory is quite natural in any individual. Boosting the mind becomes essential in this situation when the chronic forgetfulness or the lack of concentration starts interfering in our day to day lifestyle. By adopting a few healthy and lively habits within our reach or surrounding, we can rewire our brain making them sharp enough to evaluate the difference between the right and the wrong. Due to the absence of a sharp mind, our thoughts start to meander without our permission. We do not perform well with our activities as our minds do not find the attachment to the work it executes. The main thing about being mindful is to be in the present. The past is long gone and the future is not ours to worry. It will unfold the way it is meant to be.

We must make sure to make the best use of our golden years because once they are gone, we will never get them back. As we grow old with time, our body might become slow or weak but if one can keep their brain fuelled with new information or connection, it will never run out of becoming weary with time. It all depends on how we take care of something that we want to grow with. And growing the mind-set of the brain is the best to start with. A strong man with a weaker brain might fail a lot of times but a weak man with a sharp brain will win in every difficult situation, thrown towards him.

Here, we lay down a few quick yet simple strategies through which we can easily regulate our brain to keep it flowing like spring water. The best thing is to select one specific strategy and keep working on it for a week or so before making in contact with the new strategy. One at a time.


Learning a new language is not only beneficial for wiring up our brain to function it more fluently but it also helps to accept the new challenges of words that are directed towards us. With the learning of every new word, we need to be mindful and concentrate on it. With sheer dedication and practice, it can be brought to existence in our mind and in our everyday vocab. It directs the brain to think that we have broken our old pattern of routine and directing towards something new and unknown to the mind. Therefore, to adapt it, the brain tends to work faster.


Foods influence our mood and the way we think or act. Ice-cream makes us happy but broccoli makes us sad (unless we love it). Foods charge our brains with an energetic approach to evaluate things in life. Not only does it nourishes our body but it also processes our thoughts. It is very common to people that an empty stomach fails the working of the brain because when people become famished without food, they keep nothing in mind except how to get some food. No good ideas generated during that period. A glass of wine helps in dealing with mental setbacks and provides clarity to the mind. Maintaining a healthy diet with foods that bring nourishment goes hand in hand to keep our brain sharp and clear. Eating foods like whole grain, vegetables and fruits regulate the networks of the brain. Foods like nuts, fish, or unsaturated fats can help in creating wiring in the sharpening of the mind.


Sleeping is one of the best ways to keep the brain cells working in a relaxed way without any stress or tension. When we sleep, our conscious mind might get to the aura of relaxation or the nap but our subconscious mind stays active and alert. Through the patterns in the dreams or visualizations, while sleeping, we can activate the purpose of our life. Sleep or taking a nap makes the cells of the brain rejuvenated. It holds on to the positive thoughts and makes sure to eliminate the negative ones. Brains not only help in conserving the memory but also helps in the process of learning new and for that adequate sleep is extremely crucial and it evaluates, putting the mind on the right track.


Our brain goes through many thoughts in a fraction of second. It is always downloaded with numerous thoughts. Some help us in shaping our present, some serves no good yet keep on lingering in our mind. The brain always needs to calm down and reflect over the instances once in a while to understand the flow of life. Due to the hustle of every day lives, we tend to get preoccupied with so many thoughts that we forget to hold on to the real purpose. The art of living life. Meditation is not only the intervention of spiritual mindfulness but according to the research, it also helps in enhancing the way our mind thinks or works. It increases the power of the memory-making it sharp. It is one of the most effective ways to take care of the mind, body and soul.


When we are idle or alone, there are chances that we can direct our thoughts to negative thought patterns of life, which yields us no good. Therefore communication is a powerful way to enhance our mind and keep up to the pace of the world, we are living on. When we think alone, there are times we get stuck with our own problems and it tends to form a loop but when we communicate, we share. Through the process of sharing, we tend to discuss it and come up with a solution that tends to be the perfect one. The secret lies in the connection we form with the individual. He/ She makes sure to direct our brain into a new thought of evaluation, making it sharp. Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are made to interact or communicate in order to stick to the working of the brain with an eagerness to know someone. Thus, connections and communications help in the healing of the mind and body as well.

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