There is a pandemic that is going on and all of us have been caged inside our houses, working from home and doing all the household chores as well. Being caged, surrounded by the four walls all the time, not going out anywhere, and the only time we step out is when we need to buy groceries and sometimes not even that because we have apps where can order groceries and medicines online and it would be delivered right on our doorstep. We need to mentally endure these things because we have no other option otherwise. So, what are the ways to improve your mental endurance and strength?

Think positively, have optimistic thoughts.

Fake it until you make it. Build your self-confidence and have positive thoughts no matter what. You have an option of thinking positively and thinking negatively. Stop thinking negatively and concentrate on the positives of every situation, thinking negatively has never got anyone anywhere.

Have a clear head-on perspective.

Whenever you feel as though everything is falling apart, take control over yourself, and breathe through it. It is of no use if you start hyperventilating and falling apart with the situation as well. Take deep breaths and get yourself together. Focus on the situation at hand and see what is going wrong or what is the cause of it, and once you find out, focus on getting the solution and think with a clear head, and have a one-track mind rather than trying to grasp all the straws.

Be emotional stable or at least act as though you are until you believe it.

Emotional stability plays a massive role in our lives because if we are jot emotional stable then, we hardly get any work done and consecutively, we are mental, not even in a good place or state of mind to do work which will make us feel completely useless and inadequate. To feel validated, we need to spend our time doing something that brings us happiness and if we are not in the right frame of mind or emotionally not in a good place, then, mental and physical we are not going to be healthy either. This will start affecting our work life as well as the friendships and relationships we have.

Have friendships and relationships that help you grow rather than hold you back and cut off your growth.

To develop mental endurance and strength, we need the support of positive relationships and friendships, where we can lean back on people and know that they have our back even if we fall. While we are completely able to pick ourselves up from a fall, sometimes when you have a hand to pull you up, it brings a smile on your face and puts you in a positive mood and in a positive state of mind rather than when your friend pushes you down and does not help you up at all but would rather laugh at your fall.  Such individuals handicap your growth and do not allow you to grow and blossom to individuals you are going to become.

Never ever quit, never give up and keep going.

Be stubborn, and do not quit even when you feel like quitting unless it is that toxic friendship or relationship that needs to be cut off or that job which does not bring you any sort of satisfaction. Then, it is completely okay to quite and you should know when to quit as a well. But when it comes to improving yourself and your mind, do not ever quit. You are improving your self, building your endurance and overcoming q challenge that will bring you happiness and satisfaction later on. Keep going and never look back because you need to move forward and let go of all that negativity and toxicity that was in your life. To be honest, you do not need that and that just hinders you from growing mentally and emotionally as a person and to be a better individual. So, the next time you feel like quitting, stop that thought right there and wonder, what would happen if I did not quit?