Ways to fall in love with your job all over again

Ways to fall in love with your job all over again

“Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

 How many times have we come across a quote like this? Many wake up early on Monday and go to their office with a joyous mood. They don’t spend their weekdays waiting for the weekend; they don’t even dread the start of another week. These are those people who are completely in love with their job. But what if this feeling fades away? What if the love they had for their job starts vanishing and the dread of Mondays finally starts arising? 

There are many ways one can ignite the spark of their job back and it is not as hard as one would think.

The moment you were hired.

It is a basic human trait to forget the value of the thing once they receive or achieve it. They could have spent dozens of hours working and dreaming of achieving it. But as soon as they have succeeded, they become ungrateful of it. It is nothing to be ashamed of, humans are carved this way. 

When the spark of their job starts fading, remembering the exact moment one was hired for the job and how they felt then can make them feel blessed. Remembering how much one worked to achieve the job and how much happy they were on being hired elevates their mood and maybe, just maybe help them fall in love with their job again.

Set new goals.

We often start getting tired of the same routine over and over again. Moreover, when we have succeeded in accomplishing all the previously made plans and goals of ours, we often feel like we have fallen in a rut. Nothing is exciting in the job anymore and we stop looking forward to another day at work. 

This problem can be easily shifted to a great way of increasing your interest and maybe even love for your job. When you start making new and achievable goals, you start planning. With planning, you start developing various ways you can tick the goals of your list. This is the exact push one needs to get out of the never-ending maze of boring daily routines and to spice things up.

Make a friend.

When we go for the interview or wish for a job at a particular place, friends are rarely ever the reason. It is the work we do that excites us. But when the work starts feeling redundant and days start becoming unexceptional, the feeling of boredom arrives. We start dreading going to work because there is never anything unusual happening to rouse your curiosity. 

Maybe a friend is what you need at such moments. Remember when each day of school or even college didn’t feel as boring because of the crazy friends we made? Look around yourself, you might be surrounded with people who are just as worn out of the job as you are. Find someone you think you will match with, whoever seems to match your perception of fun and try to become friends with them. 

Declutter and rearrange.

Take out the time of your busy schedule and tidy your desk. You can try to keep objects at a different location, add or remove objects. Investing both money and time to organise your desk based on your liking can ignite your interest and love for your job again. 

Think about what you want?

When you stop loving your job, you need to ask yourself what is it exactly that changed. You need to ask yourself what exactly is it that you feel is missing in the work, workplace or your work routine. Chances are these changes would be in your control and once you realise what exactly you wish was different, you’d know where to focus your attention at. 

Spend time away from work.

We even tend to get bored of working when it is all we are doing or thinking of. Thus we must spend enough time daily off work. We can focus on our family, friends, personal hobbies or we can simply spend time doing leisure activities. Taking a vacation is another way to release our work-related stress and help ourselves get back in touch with our job-loving self.