Ways into a Man’s heart

Ways into a Man’s heart

A man’s mind is a maze and it is difficult to decipher what he truly wishes for. Women are kept brooding over what a man looks for in them and how-to bring men to show the highest levels of affection. This often leaves women in confusion and the men who fail to express their feelings do not make the job any easier. However, studies have combines various traits in all twelve zodiac signs to determine the most likable qualities men look for in women!


12 things men love about women:



Aries women outshine the rest when it comes to self-assurance and confidence. They are bold and fearless with an unparalleled spirit. They like it wild and are afraid of nothing. They live by taking risks. The thrill and excitement which comes with going on new adventures make them glow. Guys go gaga over a fearless woman such as an Aries. Their life motto? Living without rules!



Taurus women are of the happy go lucky type. They greet everyone and every situation with a smile and portray utter grace and poise while dealing with scenarios. They are incredibly charming and radiate positive vibes. It is very easy to get attracted to a Taurus women due to their charismatic nature. Guys find it difficult to resist such elegance in a woman!



Gemini women are great talkers! They love chatting with people and possess

exceptional communication skills. They can make anyone at ease and make them feel like themselves. Conversation with a Gemini flows easily and guys find it pretty easy to open up to them. Gemini women are also very smart which leaves guys charmed and wanting for more!



Cancer women are all about romance and passion. They are very passionate beings and when they love someone, they give it their all. Their efforts, cute little planned dates, eye for the small details and charm is what makes men fall head over heels for them. Cancer women are appreciated for their warmth and subtle humor and guys find it very hard to resist such a woman.



Leo women know they are better than the common lot. They are smart, elegant, and very self- confident. For them, the sky is the limit. Their intellect makes guys ponder over their existence. You feel safe and protected around a Leo. They possess high levels of intellect which men find hard to resist. They radiate positive energy and make people around them feel good about themselves.



Virgo women are people who know exactly what they want and are focused on their goal. They are very stable people and work hard towards their goals. They are straightforward when it comes to their needs and do not play around. Men love this kind of stability and thus, fall hard for Virgo women. Virgo women are also very sexy and know just the right way to seduce their men!



Libra women are very picky when it comes to love. They want everything perfect just the way they are. Libran women maintain a steady balance in their life. Winning their hearts poses a challenge for men which gets them all excited and strives to be better. Libra women are well-groomed and intelligent which brings out their charm to a larger extends. They are also extremely positive which makes guys happy when they are around them.



 Scorpio women are again, a completely wild ride! They are passionate and charming and a living epitome of wonder and elegance. Scorpion women are very independent and can do everything on their own which makes guys very tempted to woo them. They are also all about being mysterious and sexy in their way and can seduce any guy in a matter of seconds. Guys sure go gaga over these qualities!



For a Sagittarius woman, the sky is also not the limit. They live life on their terms and do not like setting any rules. Every whim and fancy they propose, they satisfy as soon as they can. Their level of independence is something to admire and guys desire such a happy, carefree, and self-confident woman.



Capricorn women are unique and very special. They possess a great sense of humor and have the ability to make every situation light a jolly. Men enjoying being around them as they feel at ease and feel comfortable talking to them. Capricorn women do not like being told what to do and instead love living life care-free; an attractive trait indeed!



Aquarius women not only play hard to get but are hard to win over. This drives men crazy and they love to find various ways to win them over. They possess high levels of intellect and are extremely street smart. They can also be termed as quirky but in the most adorable way which results in men getting enchanted.



Pisces women unlock new mysteries about them every step of the way. You would never know what they have in store and they never fail to surprise you. Extremely sensual and elegant beings, Pisces are pure beauties in the eyes of the beholder. Men feel it right to invest all their efforts in such women.