All of us are well aware of the tensions happening at the India – China border, so let us understand what are the reasons behind these tensions, what is the current situation like, what will be the consequences of this war and what are the astrological predictions for this war. Let’s start with what has started the tension on the border, in the past few weeks; the tensions on the border of India and China have started to rise majorly from the Ladakh border.

Soldiers from both sides have been facing each other in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh. China has raised objection on the road built by India which connects regions of India to an airstrip. China believes that India has taken up this step in order to gain control over the territory which is located along the India – China border, the ownership of which is not clearly defined. There has been video evidence of a scuffle between the soldiers of the two countries, but the spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry issued a statement saying that the situation is under control and stable.

The two sides have been communicating through the military units on the front line and trying to come up with a solution to resolve the pertaining issues. This is not the first time the countries have been involved in a standoff, this has happened earlier in the year 2017 when the countries had a standoff for 73 days in Doklam. The standoff of 2017 was the result of China’s attempts to increase its territory from the Bhutan border. The situation was brought under control with the help of diplomatic channels.

The two countries have established diplomatic relations in the year 1950 but the war in 1962 disrupted everything. Currently, China claims that the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh is under their territory and India claims that China has occupied India’s part of the Aksai Chin plateau and some parts of the Ladakh region. The relations between the two nations were strained more when India hosted Dalai Lama when he rose against the Chinese rule in 1959.

However, they have taken efforts to have a resolution by signing an agreement on the “Maintenance of Peace and Tranquility” but they have not been able to come to a concrete solution even after many rounds of meeting between the prime ministers of the two countries.

It is believed that China’s indications towards the war and the provocations of the state-controlled media against India over the standoff that is happening in Sikkim might have an explosive result. No matter how hard India tries to resolve the issue with its diplomacy, there is a good chance that it might have to apply its military power to defend itself.

Both the countries have been playing the blame game and have downplayed the incidents that have occurred so we can’t be sure as to what is the actual situation on the border. There has been evidence of reinforcements and heavy equipment being sent to the border, but no official statement has been released for the reason. China has been claiming that the main reason behind these tensions is that the Indian military was caught trespassing China’s property, whereas India has been saying that China has been making military attempts which have caused hindrance in the normal patrolling done by the Indian troops.

The US President Donald Trump offered to mediate between the two nations so that they can resolve the dispute peacefully but both the nations refused the offer. It is also suspected that these tensions are the result of the recent infrastructural activities India has been performing along the LAC. For the past 10 years, India has been trying to improve its infrastructure on the border by building roads and airbases.

It is very rightly said, “We can change history, not geography, We can choose Friends, not Neighbors”. The most important question today is whether there will be a war between India and China? China is trying their best to create the war-like situation by their hot-headed approach to things; it is putting a lot of strain on an already deteriorating relationship between the two countries.

Let us see, how is astrology affecting all of this – it is believed that if the moon of a nation is positioned in the 3rd house which is considered to be the house of the neighboring countries and Rahu is positioned in Ascendant, it means that the country will be facing dispute at the border. This means that the moon for India must be placed in the 3rd house which has led to this tension. Astrologers believe that the occurrence of an eclipse can worsen the situation; basically it acts as a fuel to the fire.

Considering the already complex and difficult equation between China and India, all of this definitely bad news. Any tension between the countries is going to have drastic impacts on every aspect of life starting from the economy, employment opportunities, safety, and everything else. These astrological predictions give us an insight into the future which can help us prepare better for the future. It gives us a chance to get a safety net ready and reduce the damages.

As per astrologers, placement of Saturn in the 8th house means that the country is having some secret preparations and the presence of Jupiter is the star of Sun which is the 8th house of the lord indicates that the country has some hostile intentions towards its neighbors. The movement of Mars in debilitation over the Natal mars gives an indication of aggressive actions. So it won’t be wrong to assume that this is the positioning of planets for China which indicates that they will try creating a situation for war, so India should stay alert and prepared.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a transit of Rahu in Cancer and the movement of Ketu in Capricorn will lead to an acceleration in any territorial dispute that the country is facing. This means that even if India is able to stabilize the situation with the help of diplomacy, there will still be the threat of the use of the military by China. So it is advised that India stay prepared for any contingency that may occur in the coming time.

Astrologers have predicted that India will be witnessing a solar eclipse on 21st June which will take place in the Gemini constellation where Mars will be positioned in the horoscope of India. If we talk about the horoscope of Taurus, Mars is sitting in the house of wealth which is the second house and as the ruler of the seventh house. As per Medini astrology, this solar eclipse is very sensitive considering the present situation between India and China. When a solar eclipse happened on 26th December 2019, many people started losing their lives due to the Corona pandemic which engulfed the entire world. Similarly, there was a cold war between the USA and China which has changed the dynamics of the global political scenario, and India has a very important position now. Astrologers say that this solar eclipse of 21st June is not a good sign and can worsen the already bad situation.

Astrologers predict that the solar eclipse which will fall in the constellation of Gemini will cause harm to America’s natal Sun, also it will get fiercer as it is placed in the Capricorn ascendant in the Chinese horoscope which is the sixth house. The falling of this solar eclipse in the Gemini constellation indicates the increase in economic crises and losses from the war for India. Astrologers say that there is a very high probability that China will try to enter India from the Himalaya borders. The good friendship between India and the USA is definitely making China anxious and it will try to hit the steel while it’s hot.

It is believed in astrology that if Mercury is undergoing suffering from the sin planets and is present in the ninth house and if the fourth house of the horoscope or the owner is suffering, then something known as the hypocritical yoga is created. So it is known that the horoscope of China was placed in the Capricorn Ascendant on 1st October 1949 and on that day, Mercury was afflicted by Sun and Ketu in the 9th house which are also known as the sin planets. Also, the ruler of the fourth house is Mars and is acting very lowly which means there is the creation of complete hypocrisy by afflicting the moon in the battleground, also known as the seventh house. Along with this arrangement of planets, Saturn for China is present in the eighth house which is known to be a secret place and this makes China skilled in deception. So it is highly advised that India stay alert and not fall for any of the traps set by China. Considering the current astrological placement of planets, China can try to undermine their relationship by acting cooperative but will actually be planning their next move against India.

Astrologers have said that China has been running in the annihilation state of Mercury which has been involved in hypocrisy since September 2019. This means that there is a very strong chance that China will resort to the use of its military power after the solar eclipse on 21st June. It has also been pointed out that Guru and Saturn in transit are positioned in Capricorn, these planets have the same position at the time of the 1962 war which is a clear indication that these tensions can get serious. In the year 1962 also China launched an attack on India when it was in the state of Mars and Saturn. As per astrologers, if we look at the horoscope of China, then we see that the Moon is suffering from Sade Sati and Mercury has been trapped in hypocrisy which is inherently leading China towards destruction. This is not a good sign for India and we should be prepared for any kind of attack from China.

As per astrology, the current positioning of planets is not good for India. Currently, Saturn is positioned in the Moon in the Taurus horoscope which does not bring good news for India. Just like the planets are in the same position as 1962 for China, for India also a similar placement and movement can be seen. The Antardasanath Saturn which is the seventh lord of the Moon is placed in the sign of Venus along with Venus which is considered to be ruling the sixth house and is making a transition towards Capricorn, just like it did in the year 1962, and all of us know the outcome of that.

The solar eclipse which falls on the 21st of June indicates towards huge loss of public wealth from the war as well as natural disasters. Two cyclones have already struck the country, the Amphan Cyclone caused huge scale destruction in Odisha and West Bengal and the very recent Cyclone Nisarg which shook the people of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Astrologers believe that the effects of the eclipse will last for 3 months after the eclipse, which means that India should be extra careful those 3 months.