Waiting for Passion – A Worthwhile Wait

The ‘P’ word, that is, passion, is given too much importance in today’s era. The popular saying goes that one must work in a field they are passionate about to enjoy their work. This notion has led many to opt for careers of their choice and leave jobs that don’t bring them happiness. People ‘follow their hearts’ and go to wherever that leads them. But most end the story here. What happens next when the new chapter begins? Is it enough to help you sustain a suitable life for yourself and your kids? Where are the success stories of a billion ordinary people who followed their passion and dove headfirst into careers of their choice? While following and constantly searching for your passion is a wonderful thing, and happiness is equally important in life, it may also be the wrong decision sometimes especially when one does not have a well-planned backup ready to fall back on. This article will teach you how to stop tirelessly finding your passions and instead, wait for your passion to come knocking at your door.

Debunking the notions on Passion:


Most people believe that passion is the sole determinant of a happy and successful life. Statements like ‘Passion completes the being in you’, ‘Through passion, you portray who you truly are’ and ‘Passion adds more meaning to life and is a driving force’ is not unheard of and prevail in many individuals’ minds. We grow up looking forward to working at a job that has all our needs chalked out, which comes with a bed full of roses and little or no struggle. We are always told to find what we are passionate about and thus are given a hundred different activities to participate in and get the answer from. It is like ‘passion’ equals magic and that is something we often slip into. This myth leads us to completely give up on things like effort, hard work, and work ethic. Just because you set out on a journey to find and follow your passion, you are not automatically blessed with a life filled with cotton and candies in every nook, crevice, and corner. Life does not change its definition and layout a world with a roller coaster that goes only upwards, just because you succeed to find your passion. Life is still the same and you are still left to deal with everything it has to offer. To achieve success, the struggle is very important. You cannot just sit like a fool with merely a passion. You must be smart with a passion and work to make your passion turn into a success story. 


Worth the Wait:

While it is great to find a job you are passionate about, it is increasingly harmful to keep leaving jobs in search of such a venture. This not only hampers your Curriculum Vitae but also intervenes in your path to progress. You must let your passion find you, at its own pace and in its own time. Starting young, broke, and unsettled would only let you lose out on opportunities that could have only improved you and the skills you possess and sometimes even teach you new skills. Take it easy, don’t rush everything that comes your way. You never know when you may find something new to be passionate about or something which will work for you. One does not harbor only one particular kind of passion, they can invest in many. Suppose you start a new job you have very little idea about but as the days progress and your horizons widen, you realize how much you love doing what you are. Would you have gotten to know this if you had left without trying or worse, not even joined? Expose yourself to new things, do not keep any barriers. Try everything that comes your way because you are blessed to face any opportunity. Live each moment and do not be rigid about your choice. Let your passion come knocking at your door. Shift your focus to understanding what you love to do and what you must do to live the kind of life you always wanted. Trust me, once your passion finds you, it will be worth the wait!


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