Every zodiac follow their own style and spirit when it comes to killing time. Games are the most effective ways for that. It not only kills time but teaches you the meaning of social distancing at some other level. If you ever feel stressed and want to distract yourself then Virtual games would make sure to calm down your demons. But it is advised not to become its prey as it leads to addiction as well.

Here are the list to hit for each zodiacs and the virtual games that they would love to explore.


Aries make sure to keep up to the competition that they are into and the game that strikes the mood at the right place is “Call of Duty”. It makes them feel that they are back in power and their adrenaline hits them at the right point.


Taurus love to be a part of something that makes them feel that they are protecting and taking care of others. “Far Cry” is the best to reveal such instincts within them. It makes them feel that they are on a mission to save a life.


Gemini sit to at one place when they are angry or when they are not getting any direction for their worry. Games like “Skyrim” helps them to soothe their soul. Not only that, they love almost anything that portrays their skills of creating something different from others.


Cancers are quite emotional and they would make sure not to give into games that hurts or kill others. They would search for games like “Castaway Paradise”. Such games would make them feel close to animals and would also calm their mind.


Leos love to play something that makes them feel important. Games like “Assassin’s Creed” makes them feel that they are in charge of the league. They make sure to win and complete their mission without making a fuss about it. They prefer getting indulged in games once they start playing it.


For a Virgo, even a game can be quite authentic because they are busy planning their own kingdom there. There are various games to explore when it comes to a Virgo because they choose for the one that suits them the best. Games like “Grand Theft Auto V” really uplifts their mood.


Libras are really good when it comes to alignment with the ancient games. They prefer to stay close to their nostalgia. Games like “Star Wars” makes them go gaga. They feel peace and happiness, every time they choose such games.


Scorpio’s first choice when it comes to game is murder, horror or drama. They have a killer taste and that is portrayed through their gaming console. Games like “The Witcher” are the ones that makes them feel the real them. It not only satisfies their mood but also makes them grin at times.


Sagittarius are the fun loving one and therefore, when it comes to games, their choices are always related to shooting or being a professional shooter under cover. “Overwatch” really makes them feel that they are the perfect candidate for the killing.


Capricorns are always ready to hit the classics. They make sure to hold on to the games that makes them feel levelled up and upgraded with time. They make sure to give their best when it comes to gaming as well. Is their perfect choice. “Donkey Kong” or “Super Mario” are their favourite ones to go for.


For an Aquarius, everything needs to be kept minimal when it comes to games. They make sure to use their phone or tabs when it comes to playing a game. Games like “Fortnite” catches their attention and because for the multi-playing option, they prefer sticking on to it.


Pisces prefer to stay away from any sort of happenings or situations that demands aggression or violence. They prefer to step into games that are complicated but not at the verge of hurting anyone, even if it is virtual. “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” is something that they love.