Virgo woman: the maniac cleaner

Virgo woman: the maniac cleaner

Virgo woman is entirely different as compared to a Virgo man. This too smart lady can not be trusted even one percent. His morality and shyness pull her back from saying a number of things. When this woman gets upset and realizes that she was being used the whole fucking time, she becomes deadly in her decisions. Do not trust her silence as this is a mutable sign. This does not mean that she is likely to leave you halfway. Yes, of course, she would distant herself but she can sacrifice her ego for the person she loves.

Know these things before dating a Virgo:

Too picky girl!

Sad but true! She does discriminate many times and takes her sweet time to find a partner. She wants everybody else validation as well which creates more troubles. More than anyone else she wants her own validation and be on their own for long spells. She doesn't like to settle for the good but waits for the best. Until she finds her perfect connection, she won't commit easily.

However, sometimes these women surprise everybody by committing to somebody entirely opposite and that leaves everyone in utter shock.

She is a pro at perfectionism

Either she would do something with her level best efforts or she won't even think of doing it. She loves the idea of perfectionism. She will work hard day and night just to get the tag if being perfect.

Don't cheat with this lady!

She can smell the deceive behavior from miles away. Her intuition is super strong and will admire and respect you more if you just be yourself and don't try to act somebody else. Honesty is the best key to attract a Virgo girl. This lady is at par with a lie detector to extract the truth out from the damn lying mouth.

Good sense of humor

She is one of the wettest sun sign from all. Her wittiness always has a pinch of sarcasm. A really clever lady, she knows when is the right time to crack a joke. You won't get hurt, however, because she has a careful way of thinking.


She stands out whenever there is a commitment to work. She respects her deadlines and is the perfect example of a workaholic. 

A very independent and self-made woman, this lady does her own stuff. Her career is above love in her priority list.

Always has an opinion

This lady isn't afraid of anything, not even to speak her mind. She stands by her point no matter whoever tries to pull her down. She doesn't give a damn if someone disagrees! This lady is so critical that this thing creates problems in her bed as well.


She will hold your heart forever and is poetry in motion and portrait in devotion. Quick flings don't excite her. She is really not into the modern dating ideas or you can also call them games as those relationships last for just a few days or maybe just a few hours.

She is a pro at long-distance relationships. This woman loves writing those handwritten letters for her beloved. Those lovely wrapped parcels also excite her. This woman hates the shameful act of one night stands. However, after a point of time, she will want herself dwelling in her partner's arms.


These women are the sex libraries for other sun signs. This is something that most people are not aware of. They almost every time appear as if too much serious and intellectual but she is great at hiding her lust, guys! This lady has some crazy fantasies that maybe her best friend knows after her partner.


Now after knowing so much about this lady, if you still wanna date her, then listen to me calmly. Don't shock her, but sweetly ask her out. She loves cute gestures. She is not a party animal. Don't try to impress her publicly! Ever! Take her somehow calm. You can go for a walk to a park.  fine restaurants might also work if you really want to spend on her to show your love. But make sure of cleanliness there. Don't push her on certain things. Things like sex are touchy topics for this one. A little pushiness can destroy the relationship. Once she is hurt by these things, it's hard to fix everything back to normal. She is not the one who wants to pass out having ten shots of vodka in a club. That doesn't mean she wants to have it at home either!