You are very much interested in the details. You are very much careful with deep details and a sense of humanity. You believe in methods and procedures. You are a soft-hearted person and your heart is closed for the outer world.

You do not know the art to express feelings and thoughts. You consider everything to be new and experience for the first time. You are an Earth sign and have a strong character.

You have a well organized and systematic lifestyle. You have decided borders and separate conclusions for the goals and aim in life. You are concerned about the matters to which nobody cares.


A gemstone that tells which month you are born in is called as a birthstone. It is particular for every zodiac sign according to the month of birth. It brings out the personality and behavior in life.

It helps to make life more comfortable, behavior more pleasing, controlling anger and anxiety, and brings out success. Overall it has a great impact on a person wearing it.

Wearing it shines the stars, brings about more opportunities in life and success. It is specific for specific functions and therefore should be worn particularly according to zodiac sign.

Colour plays a major role in life. It affects life in several different ways. Like it makes you happy, sad, laugh or cry and the choice of color should be accurate.


Talking about Virgo, the following stones are suitable. You respond to five stones namely- Carnelian, Zircon, Sardonyx, Peridot, and Agate. And you give special attention to your birthstone that is blue sapphire.

You are a logical, systematic, and practical kind of person. Your search for perfection in all the work. And you possess improved skills through being firm.


It states that you have an unlimited power for harmony. It is responsible for you to have a lucky charm. It encourages you to be happy with the goals which you wish to achieve and finances.

It is responsible for a balance between the physical and emotional aspects of family, relationships, and work. It is a beautiful stone which is of green color.

It has healing properties and encourages you to pay attention to details. You are advised to wear green jade in a necklace to boost up well-being.


It supports you to be away from the desires that you have from the time of birth.

You become more passionate about work and relate adorably with others. You have good and honest communications as it activates throat and third eye chakras that increases intuitive abilities.

You are advised to meditate with it to increase psychic qualities.


It is a very beautiful stone of green color. You start experiencing faster progress in your aims and goals.

It's warmth and friendly energy adds up to your spirit and you become more motivated and happy. It has stress-relieving properties.

You are advised to keep it very close to you like a ring or a necklace. It increases mental strength and awareness.


It is a round stone of blue or white color. It affects you on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It spreads and increases intuitive energy.

You easily find out the true job you required, and it inspires loyalty. With no negativity, it does not require cleansing.

You are advised to keep it unpolished or raw in a stick or a small sphere. You should keep it near the body.


When you have stressed out it brings peace, comfort, and silence in life. It is a beautiful stone which is red in color.

You get the ability to solve a problem and organize things properly. It brings softness, strength, stamina, and energy.

It helps you to move away from negative thoughts and fill up your mind with positivity. You are advised to use it for long periods as it has burn type energy.


It is a white-colored stone, with supportive nature. It increases new opportunities, and promote self-forgiveness and let go of bad things.

You have an effect of togetherness which helps you work with the community. It helps I'm the completion of karma cycles. It clearly shows energy.

You are advised not to handle it rather place it next to the bed.

● The other three stones are- purple or lavender colored AMETHYST, green or blue or brown or reddish colored Moss Agate, and the last one with the rainbow of colors the FLOURITE.

You should wear these for your own personal development and health. You get an increased intensity and it is a brilliant way.