With the change of seasons bring the change of emotions.

The season of Virgo always remind us that simplicity is the true beauty of all.

The dedication and discipline yielded by the Virgo for the ambition be to be materialized is what they follow in accomplishing.

Different important events would occur in this season such as the Mars with be going on retrograde for six months, which will be starting on the 9th of September.

The planet Jupiter, which is related to the fortune, good luck, and abundance will be going direct on the 12th of September and there will be a few stressful situations concerned to the planets, Saturn and Pluto.

The beginning half of the Virgo season will be bestowed with the blessing of Mercury as well.

Because of the planet related to the mind and thoughts, moves through Virgo till the 5th of September. It will excel in finding the comfort and excellence along with the intentions of a ruler. There will be a strength when it comes to communication. It will help in igniting the power and the ability to communicate with confidence.

During this season, Venus, who is known to be the planet of love, moves through the zodiac, Cancer, thus enabling us to explore our hearts with empathy and understanding for the future. Efforts need to be showed to the loved ones.

As soon as the Venus enters Leo on 6th of September, it will be involving the personal spheres of our life. It is the time to get connected to our confidence with boldness and integrity. This is a one moment chance that must be utilized with positivity.


25th of August:

Uranus will be creating magic through the mind. Your mind will be bestowed with the blessings of the Mercury, thus yielding the righteous results during the moment of analytical and complex situations. With the influence of Uranus, it will help you to innovate something to a higher level of revolution. Realizations and ideas will revolve your mind for the whole day. This is the perfect day for meditation and writing intentions, for them to manifest. Information can be helpful that you might receive today.

1st of September:

Oppressing the emotions do not help any day. Pisces is the zodiac related to the extreme emotional factors and thus informs you to communicate as it will reveal many words through it. Mercury will be in Virgo and it will connect with the Venus which will be in Cancer along with the planet Saturn which will be in Capricorn. This situation will encourage us towards our own values, responsibilities, affection, and love. Emotional conversations are meant to happen today but make sure to talk about yourself and your thoughts as well. The influence of Saturn might look a little troublesome but it will create a path to move towards the desired path for the work to be executed.

3rd of September:

This date marks a day to take a step towards your own reality. Mercury ruling in Virgo gives a push to our mental abilities. The charm during the conversation and the tactics will help to achieve the result that one desires for. Mercury comes along with Saturn, which creates a chance to manifest magic in our life. Using of sigil, charms, symbols are very important to be definite over what you are strongly wishing for. This day would be beneficial for all the Earth signs.

11th of September:

On this day, the Sun, being our guidance, will come face to face with the Neptune. Meeting between any planets with the Sun becomes a personal one. You will experience different kinds of energy during this day. Neptune has a foggy side that is why it is important to keep yourself on track rather than getting lost or getting consumed by it. It can try to trick you as well. Try to be grounded and hold the roots.

17th of September:

This is the ultimate day for setting new intentions and it comes with little magic along with the New Moon. It helps us to process our daily activities, health, and wellbeing. The angle of the Moon forms a connection with Saturn, which will be positioned in Capricorn. Saturn will turn your intentions, thoughts, wishes and desires to tune into reality. The mental energy will get charged rapidly.